As a fat loss coach whose entire work is online, it could be easy to think that I am not the same person œin real life as I am œonline. Except I am.

Both personally and professionally, I have the same principles. My personal beliefs about the world play out into my coaching, because I don’t want to show up as anyone else, after all there is only one of me.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because as I sat in a conference room in Manchester listening to the [amazing] Dr Jade Teta talk all things fat loss “ he simply said œyou gotta let go of your bias¦. He went on to talk about breakfast, and whether it really is THE most important meal of the day.

To cut a long story short, breakfast is only the most important meal of the day, if it needs to be for you. For some people eating before noon makes them feel nauseous for others, the idea of not eating upon waking is incomprehensible.

Now, I should point out that the statement, œBreakfast is the most important meal of the day is not wrong, but it is a blanket statement, and does not suit every single one of us.

Presuming that everyone should eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking, is like presuming that we all want to eat oatmeal for breakfast “ some of us prefer eggs and bacon.

It sounds sexy though, doesn’t it?

Especially if you’ve gone through life not eating breakfast, but still gained weight, it seems like a likely answer “ do something you weren’t doing, and you’ll be œfixed.

I’m not telling to stop eating breakfast.

 I’m not telling you to start eating breakfast.

I’m telling you it all depends on lifestyle and preference, and this my friend, is not nearly as sexy. It’s not sexy to tell someone œI don’t really know exactly how much you should eat!. This answer is what everyone wants, I wanted it for years – give me the exact numbers and strategy and then I can be successful.

Whilst I could totally provide you with a daily calorie or macro goal “ I don’t believe this works long-term.

I’m the professional, the coach, I should have all the answers “ but I really don’t have all the answers. That being said, I do have a lot of strategy, a heck of a lot of personal and professional experience with diets, weight loss, fat loss and body change.

I am a coach who believes you have the ability to thrive and reach your highest potential.

Whilst I don’t know EXACTLY how much you need to eat to manage YOUR hunger, energy and cravings, I do know how to help you get started with ending the dieting cycle. I can guide through steps which allow you to discover exactly which foods will keep you full and satisfied “ I can help you curb cravings.

I don’t know your ˜golden number’ but I do know how to treat you like the unique human being you are, and I think that’s a pretty good offer.

I believe in treating people equally, not how I want to be treated, but how they wish to be treated. In my experience applying a ˜one size fits all’ nutritional approach is not doing this. Telling you to follow the ˜Zone Diet’ that’s not about you, it’s more about the coach and what they believe works for them, it’s what they’ve read, it’s the limited experience they have, and it’s their bias.

How, or rather why should I tell you that there is only one specific fancy schmancy diet which will work for you? Honestly, I’m surprised when I hear that this kind of advice is not getting some kind of kick back. Maybe I’m cynical, or maybe I have yet to meet that coach who is completely unbiased but believes Weight Watchers works for everyone¦

Yeah, it’s not possible.

Let me be totally transparent, I am certified through a company called Metabolic Effect, but I don’t totally 100% live and breathe their strategies “ I’ve adapted what I know works for me and made it work. My clients do the same.

As I recently said to a client: ˜you are the one rowing, dealing with the stormy weather when it arises, I am just the breeze whispering œwhat’s the best choice for you?’

What I meant by this is that I cannot nor will not take the credit for the hard work she puts into her meals, mindfulness and movement on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I am there on the end of the phone or at the end of an email, ready to listen, help and troubleshoot. I am not the one dealing with her life on a daily basis “ she does that.

She deals with the shitty work day, and navigates her cravings.

She deals with the fatigue, stress and energy lulls.

She is the one grocery shopping for her family, navigating various needs or preferences all whilst trying to make sure she remembers to buy the foods which keep her feeling amazing.

You do this too.

This shit is real life, and it doesn’t matter which diet you are following, it happens.

Fitting your entire life into a diet plan doesn’t work, but slowly fitting healthier meal, mindfulness and movement habits into your schedule will work. You don’t need to start overhauling your entire life within 24 hours, in fact that’s a really bad idea, because it’s overwhelming and if you are the one in control, you can also choose which area feels easiest to switch up first.

You see I believe that there is enough room for everyone to be successful, but we must be willing to stop, listen and learn from others who have more experience than ourselves.

There was a time, not too long ago, when I was cynical about weight loss, dieting and how much effort someone should put into their health.

Fat loss and body change – they both require a level of work, that I can be sure of, but how much work it requires is actually more about your willingness to learn. How willing you are to let go of YOUR past experiences, the myths, the diet baggage, and your bias.

It’s true, just as I once had bias about eating breakfast, you likely have some of your own when it comes to what is ˜healthy’ or ˜not so healthy’.

From labeling foods as good or bad, to removing food groups in their entirety “ it’s all bias.

The #1 strategy more important than which foods are good/bad or whether you should eat low carb or low fat “ is the unanswered question:

What does your body need and what does your brain want?



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