This week I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing a lady who not only is a completely badass personal trainer and fat loss coach, but I get to call her my friend. Hilary and I met back in 2016 through an online mentoring program, I’ve been so lucky to meet her in-person twice this year and we became fast friends.

Hilary owns her own business and she is incredibly enthusiastic about fitness, in fact she’s a ‘Healthusiast’ which she explains more about during our interview.

I wanted to pick Hilary’s brains about fitness, and strength training in particular because there is absolutely no denying that she is one strong lady! At the time of our interview she was hosting a 5-day video training called #makemovementnonnegotiable because most of us don’t right?

We want to, we have every intention of getting those workouts done, and then life happens and we become distracted.

Hilary shares that one of the most common questions she gets asked is:

“How can I stay motivated to exercise?”

She explains that many women will start a workout program, and then get derailed some how. The biggest factor being our own excuses, we have A LOT of excuses as to why we can’t keep exercising and she wanted to open up this conversation and let women know:

“…there’s not something wrong with you that you can’t make exercise a habit. You’re not defective or deficient…there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s that you don’t have the tools which you need to overcome these excuses.”

I asked Hilary about why it is that we seem to overcomplicate things, and she explained “consume mode” to me:

“…consume mode is the mode we are often in when we first discover fitness, when we want to change our life, improve our health and live a healthier lifestyle. We’re super motivated and we start reading and consuming information, as a result we end up in ‘information overload mode’.”

She explains why this is a problem:

We consume so much that we don't take action, when we don't take action, we can't get results Click To Tweet

We both agree that we want you to take action, and get results and sometimes this means we ONLY pick one or two people to follow. Choose people who fit into your values and lifestyle, and don’t let all this information consume your life.

I asked Hilary about perfection, because whilst my motto is #effperfect are there certain things we should be doing? I absolutely loved her answer:

“…assuming that you just want the simplest route to improving overall body composition, you want to lose fat, you want to add a little bit of lean muscle, improve your metabolism. There are exercises which are more effective to achieve that goal.”

Ladies, does this not sound like most of society? Heck, just because I have a qualification, it doesn’t mean I’m trying to be the leanest or strongest. I just want to feel amazing in my skin and look good naked…which by the way Hilary believes is something we all want 😉

Hilary explained that these movements are compound movements, which are multi-joint movements. They use more than one joint, and ideally you want to use full body movements such as:

  • Alternating Reverse Lunge with Overhead Press
  • Plank Renegade Rows
  • Squat Hammer Curl

As Hilary explains, these movements are simple but they are NOT easy. I’ve been working on Hilary’s strength program #definedbydesign and her workouts are hard work, but oh so effective!

Check out this short video in which I’m showing you each of these movements:

The Big C of fitness…well actually this word needs to be applied to EVERY aspect of your health:

Consistency trumps perfection, but only 100% of the time. Click To Tweet

As Hilary explains we often look for the perfect set of circumstances to implement healthier habits. We are waiting for the perfect timing, but this is keeping us from making progress towards our fitness and lifestyle goals.

Hilary shares a tip she gives her clients: find something you can do 80% of the time.

You guys, that’s just 5 days out of 7.

If you are being consistent, and getting your workouts and healthy lifestyle implemented 80% of the time then the remaining 20% is wiggle room. You don’t need to be focused on the 100%.

Hilary’s top 3 tips for consistency:

  1. Simplify and Constrain – be ruthless and rigorous by getting rid of the information you don’t really enjoy. Out of consume mode and into action mode.
  2. Self Negotiation – use this when you are lacking motivation. Negotiate with yourself – “if you workout, then you can watch a show on netflix”
  3. Accountability and Support – find support and accountability in real life or online groups like Lose.Live.Learn and The Healthusiastic Life 😉 You’ll be more consistent when you have people waiting on you.

So, just in case you still need any more reasons to pick up those dumb bells and get lifting, Hilary shared how exercise, specifically lifting weights helped her through a really difficult time in her life.

“It completely changed my life, it was a gradual change, but I was no longer afraid to address some of the things which were not working for me. In 2011 I started strength training, I’d graduated college and taken a couple of years off, got into Grad School but after a year of the program I hated it. This destroyed my confidence, but the only thing which got me through was exercise. Strength training helped me develop the confidence to step away from that.”

To watch the full interview and hear all of Hilary’s story click here.

So, if you loved what Hilary had to say about fitness and you’d like her to be one of the people you follow on social media, make sure you check her out and go say hi:




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