What Should I Eat?

You follow all the diet rules, but still can’t lose weight. After years of dieting you are left wondering:

“What should I eat?”

So the really great news is that diet is 90% of the problem – even if you are not consistently exercising – you will effectively lose weight by making changes to your diet alone.

The second AWESOME piece of news is that to lose weight and keep it off means you need to quit dieting.

Say buh-bye to eating less and exercising more.

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This blueprint takes all the guess-work out of knowing what you should eat, and instead allows for you to actually get results. Counting calories is great, and a deficit is half the issue, but what happens when you stop?

You rebound even harder, the weight just seems to pile back on leaving you feeling even more frustrated.

I know this feeling all too well, just seven years ago this was my lifestyle. I was either on or off a diet, and either way I didn’t enjoy my lifestyle. I felt miserable.

Once I understood what I should be eating AND why, it made it a lot easier to just get on with my life. I quit dieting, and stopped spending so much time wondering which diet plan was going to be my secret to success. Spoiler alert: none of them! 

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Since 2010 I’ve lost 60lbs and kept the weight off.

No matter which day, week or month of the year it is I eat the same way, I have figured out the EXACT steps which work for me, I want the same for you.

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