The #EffPerfect Challenge

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Join us from Monday July 10th and start to uncover the reasons why you struggle to lose weight and how changing your approach will keep your weight off.





I’ve spent more of my 30 years on this planet dieting, and hating my body. I’ve weighed 250lbs and I’ve weighed 140lbs but my weight was actually an irrelevant part of my struggle. My struggle was not with food, but with my thoughts and emotions surrounding food.

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The way I thought about food, and the associations I’d learnt as a child set me up for my very first Slim Fast diet at the age of 11. From that moment on, I jumped from diet plan to diet plan looking for the secret to success, constantly looking outside of myself for the answer.




“The answer was not in the bottom of my slim fast shake, nor was it in the box of cookies.”


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Hi, my name is Melanie and you might think this story ends with me giving up, and I almost did, but after my husband proposed in 2009 and investing in a Personal Trainer in 2012, I stopped quitting on myself and quit dieting for good.

I’ve spent A LOT of time figuring out the reasons why I was overweight and why I turned to food at EVERY emotion. You see even at my slimmest, I wasn’t satisfied and I struggled to maintain my level of ‘thin-ness’ because it was a product of low calories and copious amounts of exercise.

Since 2010 I’ve lost 60lbs and kept it off, but I’m not here to wax lyrical about my success, I want to enable you to achieve your own goals.

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  • Overwhelmed by all the weight loss plans?
  • Unhappy with your size?
  • Frustrated every time you go into a clothing store?
  • Dieting is your only option, even though it sucks?
  • Like you are continually failing each time you ‘fall off the wagon’?


If you answered YES to any of these statements then let’s get started!I'm ready to join!-2You are not alone and the #EffPerfect challenge has helped many women to think differently about their food and  movement, this is your opportunity to finally get the results you deserve.



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Daily Challenges

From Monday July 10th, I’ll be sending you a daily challenge straight to your inbox. We’re diving into the ‘what and why’ of emotional eating, and how you can overcome this and get lasting fat loss results.




Support and Accountability

Head on over to our free Facebook community to get involved in the challenge, share your thoughts and meet like minded women who also want to quit dieting without quitting on themselves. These women rock, and I know you’ll love it as much as I do!



All Access to ME!

I’ll be on Facebook LIVE everyday within our group, this is where all the teaching will be taking place. You’ll get to hear how changing my approach helped me to maintain my 60lb weight loss, how I went from hating my body at 140lbs to being 100% comfortable in my plus size physique.



LIVE Video Training

I’m hosting a LIVE video training on Sunday July 16th at 8pm BST just for #EffPerfect participants! I’ll be taking you through each challenge, and sharing the exact roadmap so that you can also overcome the challenges of emotional eating. You’re also going to receive early and discounted access to my signature 1:1 coaching program The Female Fat Loss Academy with an exclusive bonus.





The #EffPerfect Challenge Isn't


• The #EffPerfect challenge is NOT a weight loss challenge

• I will not be listing out a bunch of foods which you must banish from your diet.

•  There is ZERO expectation for you to workout

 • I won’t be posting fitspo posts

 • I won’t be making unrealistic promises

 • This is not about expensive potions or supplements, an abundance of real food is all you need



what will I learn?


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Why you choose food in stressful or emotional times, and how to break this cycle.



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Identify ways in which you can use food to fuel your lifestyle and quit dieting for good


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THREE critical strategies I use with clients to start moderating the ‘fun stuff’ [also known as ‘how to not hit someone when they say “everything in moderation”’.]



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Learn how to say ‘no’ to food without feeling like you’re missing out.



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10 reasons why you need to quit dieting immediately and how to do it without gaining weight.



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How to get better results without the need for meal replacements, calorie counting or diet plans.



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Uncover the reasons WHY you are struggling and learn how to live your life with purpose and passion.



You’ll also be in with the chance to win an exclusive #EffPerfect Prize!

This is my very first #EffPerfect merchendise, and I am giving TWO lucky ladies the opportunity to receive it before they go on sale in August!




Do I need to be on Facebook to participate?

Whilst you can still receive the awesome content straight to your inbox, all of the teaching will be taking place within my Facebook community. To maximise your results you’ll want to be present and participating within the Facebook group.


How will I know if I’m getting results?

Your results will be personal and subjective, like anything, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. I don’t believe in perfection #effperfect, instead carve out some time for yourself each day, and start to uncover how your thoughts can change your health.


Melanie, how can I win this awesome prize?

To be in with a chance of winning this very special prize you’ll need to actively participate in the Facebook group, and share your thoughts on each of the daily topics. I will choose the TWO winners based on their participation and mindset shifts.

I'm Ready to Join!-3


Once you’ve joined the #EffPerfect challenge you’ll receive a confirmation email straight to your inbox. There are a couple of important things I need you to do prior to the challenge, so be sure to read it.

Add me to your senders list, so you don’t lose this awesome content in the junk mail ether.


Finally, if I haven’t answered your question then please contact me here.