A high access and unique business & lifestyle transformation program.

Finally, ambitious and passionate women can have it all -- guilt and stress not included.

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Are you ready to finally have more time, more clients, more success, more happiness and more money so that you can live the empowered entrepreneur lifestyle everyday? Dust off those dreams and goals because with Be More, you’ll be making them a reality!

Welcome to Be More™...​

Be More™ is a unique 16-week coaching program which enables serious female entrepreneurs to:

  • Find MORE time in their business and personal life!
  • Implement simple solutions in their business so they can leave their desk (zero guilt or stress)
  • Start reaching their IDEAL client more frequently!
  • Leverage the time they have available right now - more productivity

Are you?

Watching life pass you by [all too quickly] and wondering when you’ll stop feeling unmotivated and mediocre?

Spending each week being everything for everyone else in your life, with no time to make your dreams and goals a reality?

Longing to make the “unrealistic” a reality, and wondering when it’ll happen for YOU?

You Believe...

That MORE is possible…

You have the passion and ability to transform your lifestyle and have everything you want in life…

It’s now or never, because it’ll never be the right time…


You’re barely managing your busy schedule, and don’t need more overwhelm and stress in your business!

A Personal Note from Melanie

It’s no coincidence that you’re here and I’m thrilled that you are! It means you are an ambitious, passionate and fierce woman who wants to Be More™ in her life. You have no desire to be mediocre, and girl neither do I…

My name is Melanie Knights and I’m a Lifestyle Development Coach and creator of Be More™ After losing my father when I was 16, I started to question my future, I knew university wasn’t for me and corporate left a bad taste in my mouth – I knew I wanted to be my own boss.

Unfortunately I proceeded to settle, I stopped reaching for my dreams because I was petrified of failure…

When they placed my 5lb bundle of joy on my chest in February 2014, my priorities changed and I stopped wishing and started implementing. I invested in myself and built my dream career because I wanted to Be More.

After leaving my 9-5 JOB in 2016 I managed to create an abundant lifestyle which provided me with more productivity, more clients and more freedom to travel the world with my family. Finally I was no longer glued to a desk doing work which left me feeling bored and wishing for more.

Whether you want to build your own business, climb the corporate ladder or just want more time to figure out what you really want – you will not get this time back and that’s why I know it’s so important for you to live with passion, purpose and LOVE your lifestyle!

You’re busy, and barely have time to play all the roles in your life – you want more but you’re asking “is it worth it?”

I’ve been there!

Just a few years ago I knew what was possible, but could not get started, and I was left asking:

What do I do first?

Am I being selfish?

Should I be satisfied?

What if it doesn’t work?

Despite having supportive parents who truly lived the Be More lifestyle, I was plagued with self doubt and feelings of unworthiness. But, when I aligned my passion with my values, something amazing happened…

I was motivated every single day to do the work which fires me up, and stopped trying to settle for something I didn’t want. I wanted more and once I had taste of it – there was no going back!

Now… I get to connect and work with amazing, badass women who want to be their own bosses and elevate their lifestyle! I’m so grateful that I get to be their coach, and help them realise that their dreams really can be their reality.

Be More™ is a 16-week high access 1:1 coaching program. Including a private 90-minute intensive call and 6 hours of private coaching calls, plus text & email access Tuesday – Saturday from 10am – 3pm with a 24 hour response time.

…All whilst you master your goals, create more time, more money, more success and more happiness! Make your dreams a reality and love your lifestyle — finally have it all.

Be More is Focused Around Four Pillars

Unlike many other coaching programs Be More™ is completely unique to each client, you’re not a number and you’re certainly not thrown in a group with a ‘best of luck’ attitude…

Business Vision & Solutions together we will create simple (and sane) solutions and strategies in your business. You will work smarter, not harder and become more productive without a need to work weekends (unless you want to!)

Lifestyle Design this is where we align your goal, with your values, skills and passion. I help you create tangible reasons for achieving your goals and enable you to break through the mindset barriers which are preventing you from having it all.

Time Consciousness is a strategy you’ll find yourself embracing because it allows you to create time each day to make your dreams a reality. I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t want more time, and you’ll spend less time bouncing between tasks and become more productive.

Empowerment including building your confidence so that you can ask for exactly what you want and gain visibility in every area of your life. Whether it’s more clients, asking for that promotion or a new relationship, you’ll feel more empowered and confident in your choices.

Who is Be More for?

  • Ambitious and hardworking women who want to have it all.
  • Women who wake up every morning with a burning passion, and go to bed wishing they knew what the first step was.
  • Fierce females who are looking to level up and finally make their dreams their reality!

Who I've helped...

  • Women who are fed up of saying YES to everyone, and not living our their passion
  • Women who want to create freedom in their lives to do more of the work which inspires them
  • Female business owners who have ZERO time to themselves, and want to take the leap into something different

Look what other women are saying about working with Melanie...

Having it ALL is possible for everyone, including you!

What you can expect from me!

  • Customised coaching which is unique to your dream lifestyle. You’ll get results based upon your vision of having it all. I’m here to help you every step of the way.
  • Ongoing access during the program 7-days a week via your coaching calls, email and text access.
  • No BS is my style, because whilst I’m here to support you, I will also challenge you to Be More and continually encourage you to do more of what you want.
  • Access to my resource library from goal setting tutorials, time management audits to mindset exercises and webinars. This ever expanding library is full of ways to simplify your life and keep it stress free, so that you have MORE time to do what you LOVE!

So, here it is your chance to finally find the time you've been looking for in your business, make more money & work smarter NOT harder!
Secure your spot in Be More today!

IMPORTANT: Prices will increase at midnight on Sunday March 25th.

Business Bonus!

Full Website Evaluation (Value £400)

Invest in Be More™ today and I will evaluate your website. I will evaluate your home page and make sure you’ve got all the elements which attract your ideal client and get them to keep clicking…

Plus, I will evaluate your ‘about page’ and all live sales pages, and you will receive a full evaluation vide GoogleDocs so you can review.


PLEASE NOTE: Discount and bonuses expire at midnight on Sunday March 25th.

Secure your spot in Be More today!

What does Be More include?

A comprehensive welcome packet once you secure your spot to help you get clear on your goals, lifestyle and plans for the future – it’s critical to be specific and think BIG!

A 90-minute intensive call to kickstart your results, we will discuss your welcome packet, and get you started on making your dreams a reality. More time, more money, more happiness, more success – yes, yes, yes and YES

Fortnightly 45-minute 1:1 calls, to discuss the action you’re taking and what’s next. We’ll troubleshoot and set actions which will set you on the path to having it ALL!

Access to my resource library, this ever expanding library will provide you with tools, tips and exercises to help you make progress on this journey to having it all!

Your chance to finally have it all is right here, but if you want to know more why not schedule a time to get on a call with Melanie and ensure Be More is the right fit?

So, here it is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to create your dream business and finally have it all...

Let’s take a minute to imagine what it will be like in 16-weeks time when you have 30-60 minutes spare each day to spend in the way you choose. When you are confidently asking for EXACTLY what you want, whether it’s a promotion, money or new relationships — wouldn’t that feel AMAZING?

I know what it’s like to be looking at a sales page, and know in your soul that this is the right fit, this is what you have been searching for but…

The self doubt sets in, all the voices start asking “who am I?” and “who the heck do you think you are?”

Girl, this is what happens when you are being pulled to Be More and are fully in your power to commit to yourself.

Take a second, to imagine what it will be like:

to tell your boss “I quit!” and have security and peace of mind that you CAN have it all…

to finally make that first £1000 in your business, and then continue making money with ease because you’re no longer questioning every step you take…

to get the first draft of your book DONE…there it is in print!

to confidently ask for that pay-rise, because there is no way your boss will want to lose the badass, empowered woman who has it all!

You’re confronted with a choice, you can either say YES to yourself and having it all, or tell yourself that it’s not the right time and that there will be other opportunities.

You’re still reading, which means I know you want to Be More and have it all, so you can put it off until that moment when you think it’ll be the right time, but you cannot say you weren’t given the opportunity to have it all….it’s right here waiting for you.

Once you step into your feminine empowered self, and get a taste of having it all, you’ll never want to go back. When you can sit there and say “Holy crap this is my life? Pinch me!” with confidence and zero guilt, you’ll continue to have it all in every area of your life!

I’m cheering you on to make the confident decision for YOU and your business!

Melanie xo

If you're ready to be the confident and empowered business owner who invests in her business and takes control of what's NOT working - let's get started!
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