Work with Melanie

What Should I Eat?

You follow all the diet rules, but still can’t lose weight. After years of dieting you are left wondering: “What should I eat?” So the really great news is that diet is 90% of the problem – even if you are not consistently exercising – you will effectively lose weight by making changes to your diet … Continue reading What Should I Eat?

The #EffPerfect Challenge

  Join us from Monday July 10th and start to uncover the reasons why you struggle to lose weight and how changing your approach will keep your weight off.         I’ve spent more of my 30 years on this planet dieting, and hating my body. I’ve weighed 250lbs and I’ve weighed 140lbs but my weight was actually an irrelevant part of my struggle. My struggle was not with food, but with my thoughts and emotions surrounding food. The … Continue reading The #EffPerfect Challenge