I posted on Facebook this morning about my decision to change my social media handles to my name, and remove Fat Girl Making Good.

It was a big decision, I was nervous because a majority of you followed my page when I was an example of clear results. I was the example of weight loss. Whilst I appreciate everyone who takes the time to like, comment and share, I had to change the name because it was the right time.

‘I guess you’ve made good…’

Or perhaps it is no longer about ‘good’ being defined by weight or dress size. My version of ‘good’ is about my ability to help you, I lead by example in the way that I live my life, I am far from perfect, I am not better than anyone else.

Fat Girl Making Good was about fitspo posts, telling others how they were lazy because they weren’t making enough effort, or sharing a picture of my scales with another weight loss. It makes cringe because I am so over body shaming and getting on the scales, I’m not ashamed of this era, but I don’t have anything to prove now. 

So what’s happening now?

Now I share my stories, my insights into weight loss, fat loss, weight lifting and how I went from a ‘dieters mindset’ to a life of moderation and self love!

I will provide you with even better strategies which you can implement and of course I will be offering coaching.

Thank you so much for being with me on this journey, we still have many AMAZING years ahead of us.

Melanie x

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