This week my friend Lauren invited me to talk to a group of her clients, and she asked me a question about balancing #mumlife with my health and my business.

I REALLY struggled to answer this question!!

If I remember rightly, she actually repeated the question because I said lots of words which didn’t actually resemble an answer!

I’ll be honest, because it’s just us right now…

I don’t really balance being a healthy mom and a healthy entrepreneur because:

  1. I believe balance is bullshit, and
  2. I cannot be everything to everyone

What I can do is my best in every situation, and I continually practice self awareness so that I can “catch myself” before the desire to do everything spirals out of control.

There have been many times over the last four years that I’ve felt like either my mumming, health or business have sucked.

Whilst these three areas of my life are not mutually exclusive, each one requires a different level of attention, what I cannot do is put every ounce of energy into one and expect the others to just happen.

  • Keeping the tiny human alive requires work….
  • Maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle requires work…
  • Coaching clients and running a business requires work…

So, here’s my well thought out answer: they don’t all require the exact same amount of work at the same time!

I spent enough time plagued with mummy guilt, and it can still appear, but I intentionally created habits which allow me to be more present with Greyson and enjoy our time spent together.

It’s important to remember that living intentionally and taking responsibility for how you live your life is how you reduce stress, and create harmony within the chaos of your life.

Whether you have kids or not, you cannot be everything to everyone at every moment. That shit is exhausting!

Being intentional with your time and creating mental and physical space within your schedule and lifestyle allows more room for creativity, healthy relationships and success.

This is why I created Project You, women tell me they want more, BUT they feel like they are living in a shit show. Between the physical and mental clutter, it’s time you detox that ish and regain control over how you live your life by being intentional with your habits, time and goals.

I know there are plenty of mum bosses who will tell you they coach clients with their baby on their hip…I am soooo NOT that mother.

  • I live with intention.
  • I do my best.
  • I’m unapologetic.

I’m not working just 3 days a week or a few hours a day, my kid does not eat quinoa and kale (actually neither do I!) and my business is on my mind more than it should be.

BUT, I love my life. I’m grateful for my family’s support and the opportunity to build something which is my own because I know how many women still struggle to achieve their goals or even get started.

If I could share one piece of advice with the ambitious women of the world it is this: you are a f*cking rockstar, and I’m sure like myself you doubt your ability and question why you work so damn hard. What I know is that you will succeed, and you will achieve greatness because despite the rumor’s the world is not saturated with fierce females like us.

Keep on trucking my friend.

How does no more: procrastination, distraction and overwhelm in 2018 sound?

Ambitious goal getters don’t have time for that! 

Let’s get real for a moment, because it’s just us…you’ve got big plans for 2018 #carpeannum BUT you know  motivation is fleeting and it’s already feeling overwhelming.

Project You starts Monday January 22nd.

I’ll coach you through the what, why AND how of decluttering and detoxing your lifestyle so it’s ready for success and happiness this year.

Lets step off that hamster wheel, and make this year your best yet!

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