Recently my mum and I were discussing my lifestyle, she is in particular fascinated by my strategy  Eating Instinctively. She had been doing some research of her own and found information about how children instinctively know what being full feels like. 

Greyson certainly knows what feeling full is, he isn’t bothered by food, and won’t eat unless he wants to. His behaviours are the very definition of eating instinctively, of course being two he only eats the foods we feed him.

As a child I remember having a deprivation mindset, I remember not being allowed to buy the sweets from the tuck shop and this bothered me because all my friends could. I didn’t understand why I had to be different, and I didn’t like it. 

My husband on the other hand was a very fussy eater, he would take chocolate and crisps to school for lunch and using his entrepreneurial skills he sold them to another kid who was in the same position as me, my husband would then buy more chocolate. 

Our upbringings were very different and the way we ate as kids just as different, yet neither of us have been taught what eating instinctively looks like. 


So where did the instinct go?

It got lost within processed foods, busy schedules, diet marketing and a fear of missing out. Rather than eating when we are hungry, we eat on a schedule – often when we don’t need to. We fall prey to the marketing of diet products, and buy them because they promise us weight loss, happiness [look how happy the lady on the advert is] and health. 

This has been happening for decades, more and more processed foods have replaced ‘real food’. The education has to start with ourselves, we need to open our minds to the idea that eating instinctively is simple and effective. 


My 3 Steps to taking back your instinct



#1 Have the basics ready

My grocery list consists of salads, vegetables, fruits and lean protein – every week. In my opinion if I have these basics in my fridge, I know I can always make a healthy meal within a few minutes.

I get creative each week with what I make for lunch and y’all know that for me food prepping is a must. With my busy schedule I cannot spend time each day preparing a meal, I like the ease of knowing what I am eating each day. If the thought of spending an hour cooking brings you to tears, don’t do it – but for me it is now a non-neogtibale. 

Take the time to figure out a way of being able to have simple snacks or pre cut veggies and fruit to hand, it makes choosing the basic foods easier, so when hunger does strike you are not overwhelmed with choice or emotion of how you can ‘be good’.

#2 Everything is available.

Having an abundant mindset around food is a tip I picked up from my mentor Jill Coleman – she does a great job with moderation. Food is always available, you are not going to starve if you have to wait 20 minutes to eat, if you can believe that what you love is always available, it will become less appealing. 

If you love chocolate, and are able to have some each day without triggering cravings – then do it! The diet police aren’t going to come knocking! 

I know first hand that as soon as something is ‘not allowed’ I want it all. Every.Last.Piece. If someone had told me a few years ago I could eat chocolate everyday, I would have thought they were crazy, because I didn’t think it was “healthy”. Yet now I can have two squares of chocolate a few times a week and I no longer have a deprivation mindset, I am satisfied.

You’ll find over time the more you practice this mindset, that you don’t feel the need to eat the whole bar of chocolate because there is always more available. 

#3 Don’t over complicate it.

Eating Instinctively may not be easy, but it is simple. Eating should not be so complicated or confusing, but modern day life has made it that way.

Should I eat paleo or clean? Should I cut out sugar or fat? Is coconut oil healthy or not? So many questions, is it any wonder we don’t know what the eff we are doing?

You should only do what feels right for you AND your lifestyle. You are in complete control here, and the sooner you realise that – the faster you will start to trust yourself and the formula. 

When I used to let a diet control my choices, I didn’t want to eat out, because I couldn’t trust myself to make a good choice, whilst everyone else was making their choice, I felt like I had to order a salad – because isn’t that the only choice when dieting? Create a meal you know will:

[a] keep you feeling full for preferably 4 hours or longer

[b] feeling satisfied and not deprived

[c] curbs your cravings and is healthy for you


I want to reassure you that you are not alone, so many of us feel like our health is confusing because there is just so much information out there. It seems like every week there is a new diet or a new government guideline about what we ‘should’ do. I refer to this as diet baggage. Whilst I don’t dispute that some information is better than none, I do believe that dieting has made us overweight. This is why I take my clients through a lifestyle approach, rather than try to target a specific problem area – no cookie cutter meal plans here!



If you are interested in learning more about my Four Pillar Formula, and how I take women through a process which allows them to understand their health, mind and body then you can enrol in my FREE 4-day fat loss course here. Just add your name and email and you will be added to the list – we start Monday June 27th 2016. I will be taking you through the 4 modules covered in my full coaching program and providing you with strategies and documents that are yours to keep.







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