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You see if you have the mindset that you can only be ‘on’ or ‘off’ then, well, inevitably at some point you will be ‘off’. In my experience those moments we are ‘off plan’ are high caloric binges – and it tends to play up to the notion that we are not good enough, or suck at following the rules.

The rules suck not you!

Is it bad to take time off? No. It’s not that taking time off for rest and recovery is bad – in fact with a fat loss it plays part of the lifestyle. Rather it is the issue of program jumping and the continuous yo-yo dieting that is unhealthy. If you continually live on or off diets, at some point you have to start again and that can be the hardest part. When we approach something with the ‘all or nothing’ mindset, the period of ‘nothing’ can cause us to keep putting the process off until we suddenly find six months have passed. At this point you will have to start again, and starting something can be the toughest challenge. 

In January 2015 I returned to work and I had plans to get to the gym four times a week, three strength training sessions and one cardio session – I had this written down. What happened when I only made two or three sessions? I felt like a failure, I felt like I should have been doing more or making less excuses. 

We ‘should’ all over ourselves every day…

Aren’t two good workouts better than four half-assed workouts which cause me to be exhausted? Isn’t sleeping when you feel tired, and walking when you feel chaotic better than trying to do more than you can do?

This year has involved a lot of practice. I have had to practice loving myself even when I feel like the biggest failure, I have had to practice rest and restoration, I have had to practice various exercises and practice a moderate approach to eating. It may appear to some people that I haven’t lost a lot of weight this year, therefore I have failed, but you see traditional weight loss is not my game. I do not want to be miserable eating plain salads with plain chicken and zero carbs, what kind of life is that? I plan to learn how to have what I love and love what I have. 

This all being said, some people cannot cope without the rules, they need to know they are either ‘on or off’ plan, but for a majority of women I have met this isn’t practical. The ‘all or nothing’ approach will usually will result in no control and all the food. Whether you are a moderate or all/nothing kinda girl, finding what works for you is the best tool you can use. You don’t need to be following the same diet as your sister/friend/colleague. You are an individual and practice gets results.

Keep your eyes on your own game – it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing, it matters that you are just doing something that works for you. 


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