I’m sharing this story with you because for the first time, it feels relevant, and I want to be 100% transparent about the struggles I’ve experienced in the past.

As I move through these seasons of my life, constantly learning and gaining confidence I’m aware that I played a BIG part in this story.

In the summer of 2012 I was celebrating my first wedding anniversary, I had invested in a trainer, was in the midst of dieting and decided I wanted to be a Personal Trainer.

Phew! I was really busy, and laser focused on all these aspects of my life.

In late August I was called into my managers office and advised that I had not “achieved” my “non-target-target” AGAIN.

So, I sat there and asked: “So what’s going to happen?”

I was really calm and oblivious to what was about to happen.

She explained that she needed to talk to her manager, but that it would probably lead to a disciplinary hearing…

My face flushed. I got really hot. My heart started pounding.

I didn’t know what to say, but in my head I was asking myself “how’d you get here again?”

Just two years earlier at my previous employer I had been involved in a disciplinary. The circumstances were VERY different, and if I’d had any sense I would have taken it further…but this time…this time everything was communicated and recorded.

How did I get here again?

The girl who follows the rules, and left high school with a pristine record — how is she being threatened with disciplinary actions for a SECOND time?!

In the months following I was pissed.

I felt like I’d been used as a scape goat and that I was an easy target when I knew other people also weren’t achieving what was expected.

I spent a really long time asking “Why me?”

Within twelve months my place of work was being pulled to pieces, staff were being moved, people were leaving and I made the choice to escape a situation which I could tell was never going to end well.

Just as my verbal warning was being wiped from my record, I moved offices, and then got pregnant.

During the next eight months I FLOURISHED.

Everything which had been unachievable at work, was suddenly easy.

I presumed it was management and the team and whilst they certainly made the job more enjoyable, there was something bigger at play:


My focus was on my priority, and let’s be honest — not getting fired was kind of important!

Back in 2012 my focus was on everything BUT my job.

I was focused on losing weight, changing my body AND a plan to escape.

When I started to struggle within my job role, I didn’t ask for help, instead I could see the similarities with my previous employer — and I sat back and created the same outcome.

I played the victim, rather than realising that it was 100% on ME.


Have you ever found yourself repeating the same situations or stories?

– Do you find yourself in the same relationships?

– Do you find yourself in the same job roles or with the same team or boss?

– Do you always struggle with finances or with success?

– Do you always find yourself struggling at the EXACT same point in a diet plan?

These are the tough and somewhat uglier conversations I’ve been having with myself over the past few years, and let me tell you, they’ve allowed me find success and happiness in my life.

I hear from women all the time who tell me that their weight holds them back, that the size of their body is why they cannot be happy, healthy, wealthy, successful or in healthy relationships.

Your body is not to blame.

  • If you believe you are fat, then you will manifest an inability to lose weight.

  • If you believe that you are unintelligent, then you will manifest the same energy sucking jobs.
  • If you believe you are not worthy of being loved, you will manifest people who do not respect you.

Our thoughts and beliefs are the reasons we are not achieving what it is we want.


I know these are really personal and vulnerable questions to ask you, and I totally understand if you’re not ready to approach these topics.


However, if these statements resonate with you, and you can see how your happiness, health and success is being impacted then make sure you grab your spot on my lifestyle transformation program Life by Design!


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