Diet. The dirty D word.

This week I have been talking all things diet and so I really wanted to clarify a few things regarding the word diet.

We throw around ‘I need to go on a diet’ or ‘I am going to start dieting again’ and whilst I have used these phrases too, I would love for the word ‘diet’ to be used in it’s original context:

“Noun ~ The kinds of foods a person, animal or community habitually eats”

Take a look at this weeks vlog, I am sharing TWO questions you should be asking yourself, why your idea of health is valid and owned by you, and how different my diet is six years on…


Video Notes

  • Diet is a broad topic, so I am giving you THREE sub topics that will provide you with insight
  • When I am using the word diet, I am using it in the original context. My diet, what I eat. I am not following a diet plan/program and I am not affiliated with anyone.
  • I am talking about our health
  • I am splitting it into three sub topics 1.The two questions you should be asking yourself 2. Your health status and 3. Explaining what my diet looks like now versus six years ago.

    Topic One: The two questions to ask yourself

  • You should ask yourself the following two questions whether you are changing your diet for weight loss, other health reasons or for a change in lifestyle e.e. vegetarian/vegan
  • #1 “Does this diet allow me to discover more about my health and not just how to count calories?” 
  • It is fundamental for long term results that you learn about your own health.
  • Which foods make you feel great? Which foods make you feel bloated or uncomfortable? Which foods provide you with sustained energy? Which foods could be healthier?
  • We will go into this in greater detail in another video.
  • #2 “Can I follow this long term?” 
  • Long term is not three – six months or even six years, it is forever. 
  • A healthy lifestyle should be forever.
  • We crave quick results, we want to wake up thin or we want it to be easier – I totally understand this.
  • It gets easier when you practice #1, and then #2 will follow
  • Changes in your health should be healthier, less processed food and more real food where possible.
  • I ask myself these questions each year, as my lifestyle and body changes – the answers could change.
  • My diet looks very different now in comparison to 2010, but I still follow some of the good habits I created at the beginning.

    Topic Two: Your Health Status

  • When we think about what health looks like, it is interpreted differently because we are all at different phases in our lives.
  • If I had compared myself six years ago to my current diet, I would have felt pretty bad about myself. I would not have been able to see that my diet could look the way it does.
  • Don’t compare where you are right now to someone else, you are where you should be right now. You are not ahead or behind anyone. You are not in competition with anyone.
  • What you see on social media is a snippet of someones life, don’t set your diet based on one picture of a salad or even a piece of cake.
  • Work towards be a better version of yourself
  • A piece of chocolate or ordering coffee with cream, is one choice and it doesn’t dictate my entire diet. If we feel like someone is judging our choice, it is likely that we are still uncomfortable with the choice. 
  • Own your choices and your health.
  • This is one phase in your life, you don’t need to figure it all out right now
  • When I am asked “Is this healthy?” my answer is usually ‘it depends’ on your current health status

    Topic Three: My diet, then versus now

  • I have always enjoyed food, my diet was consistently poor, my health was poor.
  • I ate a lot of processed foods, especially at breakfast
  • If during that phase, I had told myself to cut out everything, and never eat chocolate or diet sodas – I would have quit, because changing everything is overwhelming.
  • All or Nothing is just as unhealthy.
  • When I started a diet program at that time, I didn’t follow it 100% and whilst I beat myself up about it at the time, I am glad I didn’t follow it perfectly. I was able to maintain and lose some more weight without rebounding.
  • It wasn’t perfect after this, I still ate processed breakfasts
  • I wouldn’t have wanted to eat egg whites for breakfast because I didn’t understand the health benefits.
  • When we start to understand more about our health, we can find enjoyment in eating foods that make us feel good or provide us with great results. We start to dislike foods which make us feel bloated or cause cravings or drops in energy.
  • Not every choice you make has to be permanent, you can reserve the right to be wrong.
  • If you discover that the diet you are following is either not providing the results you expected, or it is becoming tedious/stressful then it is okay to change your mind. 
  • It is okay to spend some time maintaining your weight, especially if like me, you have spent most of your life losing or gaining weight.
  • Maintenance is a sweeeeeet deal. 
  • Maintaining your diet is the perfect time to learn a lot about your body, create those great habits and focus on your health.
  • Once again habits help you create long term results.


Thank you so much for joining me again, I hope you enjoyed this video and if you have a topic you would like me to discuss or address then please let me know!



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