I have been talking a lot about my fat loss strategy, but I feel like I neglected some of the really basic insights into fat loss. So I have decided that I am going to spend a lot more energy giving you guys practical meal, exercise and leisure steps you can take to get started. It’s really easy for me to tell you to consider the four pillars of fat loss [meals, exercise, leisure and mindfulness] but what do you do first?

So, todays video is teaching you about the 3 things you should be adding to your diet right now – before you even start considering removing stuff!

As usual, video notes are below to help you out!


Video Notes

  • I haven’t been sharing enough about how I prepare and cook my food, more posts and insights like this one
  • 3 things you should be adding to every meal before you consider removing ANYTHING
  • These 3 foods keeps you feeling full, help curb cravings, help to keep you satisfied and prevent hunger
  • We don’t eat enough of them
  • It’s not always easy, but it is this simple
  • I’d love if we could be eating these 3 things at every meal – but start out with a really simple and ONE step approach
  • One habit, one day at a time
  • Start with one meal or snack
  • Think about how you will add these 3 things to your meals
  • Don’t freak out about how you are going to add these, it doesn’t have to become complicated
  • There are simple ways to add protein, fibre and water to each meal
  • E.g. Protein powders are a processed, convenient way of getting added protein in your diet
  • Take it one step at a time!
  • My protein sources: Chicken breast, ground beef, ground turkey breast/thigh, egg whites [non negotiable] and protein powder
  • Protein powder is not just for body builders or athletes
  • My fibre sources: Cabbage [shredded is great], kale, spinach, brussel sprouts, broccoli, rocket [arugula]
  • Looking for low sugar and high fibre content
  • Water: don’t let the amount stress you out, think add water to every meal if that’s the easiest way to get started
  • My breakfast salad recipe – if you want this recipe just subscribe to my VIP list here and I will send it straight back to you!
  • Protein, fibre and water – if you are struggling to get results and KNOW you don’t eat enough of these 3 things, well it might just be the change you need!



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