I don’t mean like some woo woo, new age thing – I mean we simply need to see how perfect we already are, and then work on improving ourselves.

I’ve discovered that we spend an awful lot of time looking outside of ourselves, it starts at a young age, but we want to like that celebrity or be like that character on TV. One of my earliest memories of this was knowing I would never look like Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell…

We carry this stuff around for years, and we see the celebrities and models on magazines, TV and social media and wish for a body like theirs, we even work towards creating that body and then feel frustrated when it’s not perfect.

Watch this weeks video to see why I believe perfect is inside of you.

Video Notes

  • I’ve been discussing body shaming and self love with my email VIPs and on social media and I feel like this is a little bit controversial
  • The idea that images are paraded around of women who look “perfect” and that this is what we should be eating healthy foods and moving for – is just BS
  • I really feel like the idea of perfection should come within ourselves AND that we can be satisfied by feeling ‘enough’…because in my experience most of us don’t even feel that – let alone perfect.
  • I see fitspo posts on social media and memes used to convey an image of what healthy looks like and the kind of body we will achieve if we do X, Y and Z
  • Most of us will not achieve that.
  • Most of us are not athletes, we are not in a gym 24/7 and so the idea that we think we can eat or train like a model on Instagram is one of the reasons we struggle
  • I truly believe that if we can take the time to look inside of ourselves – and use our own body has a place to build on then we will have success, we will feel satisfied and perfection will no longer be the goal





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