I often think about where my diet myth baggage comes from, I know that my mum was always dieting when I was young and that my grandmother liked to cook…and cook incredibly unhealthy foods.

TV shows and magazines also had an impact on me from a young age, I have talked before about getting upset whilst watching Saved By The Bell because I was never going to be as pretty as Kelly Kapowski! As an only child I didn’t have the impact of older siblings teaching me the ways of the world, but I had friends who did just that.

At the age of 12 or 13 I read a fiction book, Jemima J, and this book was about an overweight girl who dreamt of being thin. She wasn’t a little overweight, she was a lot overweight. She daydreamed of what her life would be like if she could just lose the weight, she didn’t believe diets really worked, and felt like her weight was out of her own control.

Yeah this sounds very familiar to how I felt as a teen and 20-something!

Diet myth baggage is not always simple, and I whilst this book taught me some unhealthy behaviours the ending tells you what I now know:

Health is not defined by a number.


Take a look at this weeks video!


Video Notes

  • Diet myth baggage – the myths we believe and cling to when we cannot get the results we want
  • As a teen I repeatedly read this fiction book, and I read it and believed I was just like the character. I believed that weight loss had to be extreme, I hid food, I binged, I knew I was a great person…but something was missing.
  • Now as an adult, who has dealt with a lot of my baggage, I realise that this book shaped my diet beliefs. I believed that I was the overweight friend, I was the girl who didn’t get the guy…until I lost weight. I looked outside of myself, and missed all the signs when they were right in front of me.
  • Interestingly this book also taught me that healthy didn’t need to be the slimmest person. The moral of the story was that she just needed to be healthier and could be “normal” and that was okay.
  • I just wanted to *feel* normal
  • My fat loss strategy allows you to feel normal, it allows you to approach nutrition and exercise in a really basic way. No extremes. No quick fixes. If you want to be healthy and happy without extremes then this is non negotiable. You don’t always need more, normal can be enough.



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