One of my top 3 favourite F words – Focus! I have found over the years that when we start a new dieting strategy we don’t focus on ourselves. Instead of focusing today, the present and what we can do to work towards our goals, we constantly question everything we think we ‘should’ be doing. We constantly look towards the end result, instead of what we can do today to help get us there.

Focus, Refocus, Continue…


Video Notes

  • Focus on your own fat loss strategy
  • We tend to spend a lot of time thinking and planning out what we are going to do, instead of taking the action needed on a daily basis
  • Focus on right now, instead of the future, don’t let the ‘are we there yet’ syndrome hold you back
  • Focus own right now
  • We are consistently unsuccessful with fat loss, because we continually feel frustrated by what hasn’t yet happened.
  • There is nothing wrong with having goals, but focus on how and what you can do to get there – not just the end result
  • My current goal is to just feel less stressed about food
  • My focus and daily actions are aligned with that goal – how and what I can do each day to achieve this goal
  • It can also be easy for others to judge you ‘obsessed’, ‘on a diet’ – It doesn’t matter – focus on yourself
  • You have responsibilities, but your first thought should be ‘how do I feel this morning?’ not ‘ugh are we there yet?’
  • These thoughts are what I add to my ‘Balanced Journal’ each day – click on the link to get access to the journal
  • What am I going to do today to address the 4 pillars? 
  • I don’t want things to be different, I want each day to be successful
  • We get frustrated, things get difficult, you might want to give up
  • Don’t give up, just pause, refocus, and continue
  • It won’t be perfect every day, instead accept each day for what it is
  • Those obstacles are there to challenge us – don’t hide from them. Embrace the challenges, face them, and learn from them
  • I challenge you to go to the grocery store hungry, we are told not to, but guess what -you cannot hide from hunger
  • Instead go and focus on buying what you had intended to buy – which action gets you closer to your goals?
  • Your health should feel like a choice and blessing, not a pain in the butt
  • You can choose to work towards your goals, or you can choose for everything to stay the same
  • Focus on yourself, you don’t  need to ignore everything else and not allow yourself to have fun or socialise but you can manage fat loss, take actions and succeed.


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