No amount of weight loss will change how you feel about your body if you don’t fully understand why you over eat in the first place. There I said it.

Oh boy is this video a very vulnerable one, it’s not like I’m sharing horrifying stories, but I am telling you my honest opinion of why I don’t believe fat loss = self acceptance…


Video Notes

  • This topic is from personal experience
  • In my experience a lot of women don’t feel that they are “enough”
  • We seem to believe that our friends/spouses don’t think we are “enough”
  • It is your job to love yourself
  • We look out side of ourselves for so much, and so often
  • We are made to believe that true love will answer all our issues
  • You must accept who you are, and who you want to be
  • I always felt there was more, like there was more for me to give the world
  • I found my passion and purpose in the most unlikely place
  • Within the last 6 – 12 months I have accepted my body as it is
  • I have pushed it to it’s limits, it’s housed a child, it works hard
  • We believe that when we lose “the weight” this will automatically change your perception
  • I lost 100lbs over a 3 year period, a UK size 8-10, I never saw myself as I was
  • When I look at those images it doesn’t look like “me”, I’m not sure why
  • It doesn’t matter that I lost 100lbs, because I know more about my body, mind and health now
  • Losing weight doesn’t equal self love
  • Losing weight means you are smaller, perhaps healthier, and your dress size is smaller
  • When I went bikini shopping at that size I couldn’t see a size 10, I saw stretch marks and all my flaws
  • I felt like when I lost the weight everything would be perfect
  • #effperfect
  • I abused my body for a long time, but when I got what I wanted it meant very little
  • You have to go through these phases to learn, but it doesn’t stop me feeling frustrated
  • I love my job, and I love the industry but I think we still have a lot to learn
  • Ultimately this is about YOU, not about the calories, macros or weights – these are important but mean very little if you don’t accept who you are
  • Be wholeheartedly happy, but you can still have goals
  • What about if you never lose another pound?
  • You will need to deal with your issues, and shit, because weight gain and obesity is as much about your personality, upbringing as it is about food, calories. These are taught behaviours
  • No amount of weight loss will change self acceptance

What I learnt this week?

I learnt that I was very tired! I haven’t been doing as much exercise and I think this is having an impact.


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