Cravings are something we have to confront a lot of the time, whether we are trying to lose fat or not. We go from feeling completely ‘normal’ to wanting to eat the entire fridge, and sometimes we feel confused as to why this is happening.

Something triggers your cravings.

These triggers can be emotions, stress, sugar, fat, processed foods, chemicals, situations and even routine.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be talking cravings, triggers and buffers – and how to manage your cravings. This first video is about cravings, and why having a craving is not the end of the journey, not even close. I am also explaining why I think experiencing those cravings will actually benefit you in the long-term!

Video Notes

  • Cravings are a very real struggle for a lot of us when we embark on a fat loss strategy
  • We have been taught that cravings are a sign of failure, that we are not focused
  • We have been taught that success = no cravings
  • This is not true!
  • Cravings are not a just a part of fat loss, but they are a part of our lives
  • Cravings are linked to personal preference
  • Cravings = FAT or SUGAR
  • You cannot crave a specific brand of food e.g. doritos
  • Doritos are probably your personal preference
  • My personal preferences are pizza and sweets!
  • There are ways you can combat your cravings
  • Buffer foods and Trigger foods
  • These again will be personal preference. Personal preference is just as important as a caloric deficit and how much exercise you do
  • This is where traditional diets are misleading, they don’t consider personal preference
  • Experiencing these cravings will actually help your fat loss strategy, because you will learn more about yourself during the process – you will understand your personal preferences AND what/why you crave
  • I have learnt that I crave something sweeeeet after dinner, not because my meals are not satisfying, but because this craving has been created from ROUTINE
  • Over the years I have always allowed myself to ‘give in’ to this craving and I have struggled to remove it
  • Having a cup of good quality coffee after dinner actually buffers my cravings
  • Don’t believe that if you are craving, that you are failing.
  • You are not failing, you are learning.
  • Ask yourself: When was your last meal? What did you have? Is this the same time you crave? Is your craving a routine? Is your craving based on a situation? 
  • If you cannot have your ‘trigger’ foods in the house, thats okay.
  • You don’t need to believe that you must have it in the house to challenge yourself
  • I don’t want you eating all the pizza, ice cream or chocolate, you will undo all your progress
  • Challenge yourself by allowing yourself to have a little bit, maybe buy a single serving, and only eat it from a place of positivity and try to avoid eating it in a state of emotion or stress
  • It may take time, and you will likely have to EAT these foods to understand the cravings, but you will get there with time!


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