“It’s not always easy, but it’s aways that simple…”

This is something I find myself frequently saying whether I am talking about meals, exercise, leisure or mindfulness. Fat loss is simple, but we are too afraid to try something different for fear of what might happen. We are fearful of weight gain, admitting we got it wrong and challenging the “norm” of dieting.

Today I am sharing with you why weight loss is a struggle…and what you can do instead.



Video Notes

  • Fat loss is simple, changing your health is simple – so why doesn’t it feel “easy”?
  • We put up barriers, we prevent ourselves from really succeeding because we cannot get past the idea of weight loss and diets
  • If something doesn’t work, if all the various diets [which are really the same] don’t work – what’s wrong with admitting it doesn’t work for you?
  • You are not a failure, the diets were failing you long before you bought into it
  • Anything you want in life requires work, the work is not the struggle
  • Stop wasting time, energy and money on repeating the same old thing
  • Fat loss allows you to eat and move in a way that feels pleasurable not deprived
  • Remove the good/bad labels on food – food is just fuel
  • It is a change in perspective as much as it is a change in physique
  • Make long-term gains over short-term losses
  • Make the change.




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Melanie x

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