The three R’s:

  1. Rules
  2. Routine
  3. Rut

When you start a new diet or workout routine – you feel like you have all the motivation available. It feels amazing, doesn’t it? It’s like all of a sudden you know what to do AND you are doing it. Sometimes this can last longer than a few days or weeks…in my case it lasted about nine months.

You see back when I was getting my “health together” in 2012, I invested in a personal trainer, he taught me a lot, he kept me accountable and I worked really hard. I wanted to succeed, and as time went on, my daily commitment resulted in a forty pound weight loss. Not only did I feel amazing, my body was transforming, my shape was changing and I felt great.

I had a strict routine, and I stuck to it like glue.

I’ll be honest during this time, I only had myself to answer to,  my husband supported my investment and was quite happy with me being at the gym multiple times a week…sometimes twice a day. I was living a pretty stress-free lifestyle, no pressure, other than from myself.

When I got pregnant in 2013, my new “normal” was suddenly challenged, my routine was falling apart, as I started to experience fatigue like never before and early complications caused me to slow down. I suddenly wasn’t living my routine.

The further I went through my pregnancy, the more I struggled and the less in control I felt, by my second trimester I had already gained what I wanted to gain during the whole pregnancy. My vision of the perfect pregnancy wasn’t going to plan.

My routine carried me to my goal weight, it provided me with a safety net, a comfort in my discomfort. I was in a diet rut. 


Video Notes:

0:34 – structure and strategy is really important

0:47 – but, life happens

1:25- when a road block comes up, you will struggle if your routine is carrying you

2:58 – as you navigate through this routine, and get results – consider other strategies

3:03 – what is going to happen if you can’t get to the gym?

3:35 – if your routine carries you, it becomes a rut

4:44 – consider all the options

5:04 – what I learnt this week…



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