I have only ever attended one slimming club and I was about fourteen at the time, I have mentioned it before, I used to go with my mum and pretty much half our village attended too. 

As a young teenager, I didn’t really follow anything in particular, but I knew I wanted to be slimmer and I went and stepped on the scale week after week. 

This is where I learnt all of the diet myths that haunted me for years.

It’s where I was taught that to lose weight I have to restrict my calorie intake, eat ‘diet foods’, drink diet soda because it fills me up, brush my teeth so I won’t want to eat anything…the craziness goes on and on!

Why do we think this is ‘normal’ or sustainable for the rest of our lives? Seriously, brushing your teeth every time you have a craving is only going to last for so long, eventually you’ll just not brush your teeth and eat it anyway. 

The problem I have with these clubs is that they only look at numbers, success is based purely on how much you weigh, and the leaders qualification is based on that program. The group leader is being paid to encourage you to turn up each week, it’s a numbers game. 

Here is a little scenario…

“at SW they encourage exercise, but I overheard one lady say to the woman who weighed her, “oh well I run, I’m sure that’s why I gained”. The SW lady agreed and said “yes I’ve heard that running can make you gain weight”. 

I thought to myself, hmm exercising helps you build muscle, but I doubt that you’ve gain 2lb in one week because you ran twice around the village…”

This blows my mind! My friend is correct, the theory that running has caused this person to gain 2lbs of muscle in one week, is not plausible. Muscle gain (hypertrophy) similarly to fat loss takes time, it requires a lot of work and a diet which reflects your goals. 

Of course it would be easy to assume she has just indulged a tad too much over the Christmas period, but lets take the leaders comment ‘running can make you gain weight…’

Okay, any cardiovascular activity is going to improve your CV system, but too much of any vigorous exercise can cause stress on your body. Stress (of any kind) can result in a gain on the scale. 

My husband and I discussed this and he said to me ‘If you knew you were going to be getting weighed, would you not just exercise more or eat less prior to Christmas so that you have got some room…’

No!! This is not healthy either, this is also stressful and will likely result in a binge, weight gain and not attending the meeting.

If you attend a slimming club and follow the ‘rules’ you will see results. I would suggest doing your own research too, and always question the experts! If something isn’t working, try to find out why, don’t just assume it’s your fault for not sticking to the plan 100% of the time.

Ask yourself can I live this life forever?

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