a non-traditional business community where we focus on deep connection at a soul level, after all, we are human first.

The Entrepreneurial Outlaws are on a mission to support empathic small business owners and entrepreneurs as they challenge the status quo of online marketing and create an intuitive led business driven by values and integrity instead of scarcity and FOMO.

let's chat Outlaw to Outlaw

My intuitive spidey-senses have been paying attention as I hear more people tell me that social media and the day-to-day running of their business takes them away from their art, their creativity, themselves.

And, fuck do I feel that feeling deep in my soul.

I’ve been talking a lot just recently about treating our businesses like an art form, treating content writing like songwriting and poetry, and placing more focus on what we actually DO, rather than how we get there.

Sure, we need to market our businesses, we need to make money because otherwise it’s an expensive hobby… But, the way you choose to market your business doesn’t need to look like everyone else’s, you can forge your own path and you get to create your own version of consistency.

And, boundaries.

🧡 Boundaries are the new consistency.

💛 Boundaries look good on you.

💜 Boundaries inspire you.

💙 Boundaries feed your creativity.

Why focus on you? Because understanding your own unique gifts, your strengths and what inspires you is critical for longevity as a creative business owner, and if you feel inspired by other people doing badass, hard and heroic things then you're not alone.

So, I think it’s about time that there’s a badass and soul driven community just for business owners like us. The kind who want to make a sustainable income, like nice things, and aren’t willing to sell out or lose their creative integrity to feel successful.

It’s about time don’t you think?

The Outlaw Collective is the entrepreneurial intersection of strategy, spirituality & self inquiry...


…a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.


…an inner path that centers around your deepest values and meanings 


…the constant attention to the inner awareness of your own actions

After 5 years in business, I know that we cannot run a business on pure strategy or spirituality… you need both. 

It’s like a sliding scale: sometimes you’ll be running on strategy, at other times you’ll be deep in your woo and self inquiry work. Learning how to leverage BOTH in your business is key, and seems to be the “secret” so many gurus don’t share.

Hard work still plays a part in online business, you cannot just sit back and wish for success to show up. Can you manifest your business goals? Absolutely, when you create clarity and confidence in your story, strategy and self.

The Outlaw Collective is a community of peers, we will be working to challenge the status quo, unpack the noise in your business so that you can make value drive business decisions with confidence and less fear.

the outlaw collective


A membership style community where you can take what you need each month because we’re not here to compete… our only agenda is deep connection with other people on a soul level.

Here's how we'll be doing things differently inside the outlaw collective:

  • A Slack community where you can ask all the questions you’ve been afraid to ask. We call it Soul Chemistry ✨ As someone who doesn’t fit in at the cool kids table, finding those people is deeply meaningful and inspires me every single day.
  • Outlaw New Moon & Full Moon Circle. We will come together on zoom twice a month to reflect on the previous cycles and seasons, reset, reflect, journal, and reconnect with ourselves and our community. Plus we will create new intentions for our business through the lens of strategy and self-inquiry.
  • Monthly Co-Journaling Sessions. Once a month you will have the opportunity to join our co-journaling session, think of this as an opportunity to connect with yourself and your peers through the power of self inquiry and journaling. I will offer guidance when asked, and we will use this time to write, journal and sit with our thoughts so we can continue to grow businesses full of joy, alignment and expansive opportunities.
  • Monthly Journaling Themes. We will be approaching journaling through the lens of strategy AND self-inquiry to support your business growth and work through any of the roadblocks with curiosity instead of self-judgement.

And as we navigate time together, I will be listening carefully to your questions and feedback so that I can create resources that most suit your needs right now. THIS is how you get real results in real time.

Instead of slinging new ideas, strategies or rules your way — you will have the time and space to unpack what you have already learned and move forward with clarity and confidence in your story, strategy and self.

this is the point where most people offer bonuses and tell you who their work is for - here's what we will do instead:

I’m not adding bells, whistles or bonuses to The Outlaw Collective, maybe it’s a major mistake, and yet I know the value of this community will speak for itself. If you’re here reading this page, you already know a bit about me, my work and I, which tells me you already know it’s your kinda place. 

As this community grows, we might build out a resource library or add workshops, but I’m not committing to what it might become, I’m committed to what it is right now. This is a community, a place of connection instead of confusion. We value expansive and deep conversations and don’t believe frameworks or more stuff will honour this value.

There are 1000’s of memberships and programs available with frameworks, strategies and more work for you to do, that’s cool, it’s just not our thing.

If you join the collective you won’t be given crib sheets for business… lists of tasks we want you to complete or a 6-step framework to work through. This is a community for you, the person BEHIND the business, and there is no framework or blueprint to be more you.

"There's always one more way to do things, your way, and you should have the opportunity to try it at least once."
- Waylon Jennings

read up.

That's what she said...

Melanie is not someone you have on your team, she is someone you need in your life.

"I don't want to put any labels on Melanie, 'mentor', 'coach', over the last few months she has just been my person. My personal and professional lives are interwoven and Melanie held space for me in a way that for the first time in my life meant that I felt held, held in a space that was based on trust and in that space I was able to trust myself, hear my own inner voice clearly. Melanie supported me in making decisions that aligned with who I am, my core needs and desires. She allowed me to process at my own pace and together we built up a knowing that allowed us both to speak freely and truthfully, which allowed us to progress in such a positive way. I feel safe working with Melanie, I know she will not judge my ideas, she knows when I need to go off on a tangent or sit with something, uncover more before I make my decisions and choices. She will also call me out when she knows I'm not aligning. Melanie is not someone you have on your team, she is someone you need in your life."

Johanna Rossi, Artist & Spiritual Healer

so, what is an entrepreneurial outlaw?

Entrepreneurial Outlaw


An entrepreneur or small business owner driven by their core values and creative vision, they are curious, dedicated, empathic and powerful people who are often mistaken as shy and labelled as “too serious”.

You will often hear them asking what the f*** when they see or hear something in their industry that is unethical, misleading and smells like bullshit on ice. You see, Entrepreneurial Outlaws do what is right, not what is easy.

They feel like they are lost and at the same time know exactly where they’re meant to be, they often feel like they don’t fit into strategies or trends and their energy is easily disrupted and drained by rules and rigidity.

Entrepreneurial Outlaws do not fit the status quo.

They buck trends, challenge what they are told and strive to create a better way of doing business by putting people first and leveraging the power of their income and wealth to support others.

We are the Entrepreneurial Outlaws.

Melanie listens and guides her students and clients to think about what works best for them...

"Melanie is thoughtful, smart, non-judgmental and an amazing listener. I decided to invest in working with Melanie when I was at a point in my business when I really needed to set some realistic goals and map out what I wanted my business to look like.

Melanie listens and guides her students and clients to think about what works best for them, helping them map their own goals and plans and make their own decisions. I love this approach vs. the “you must do this” approach so many coaches take.

As a bonus, it was so helpful to have Voxer contact with Melanie so that I could bounce ideas and challenges off of her as they came to me."

Cathy Heflin, Pinterest & Marketing Consultant

MEET your outlaw mentor

Hey there, I'm Melanie.

Storyteller. Podcaster. Self Published Author. Mold Breaker. Self Inquirer and Entrepreneurial Outlaw… But that’s enough about me, because The Outlaw Collective is all about you. In fact, don’t listen to me at all — start listening to yourself.

Is the Outlaw Collective right for you?

We are a tight-knit, supportive community of people who are determined to set the world alight with our passion – so let’s make sure you’re perfectly matched to our values.


Someone recently said to me: being an Outlaw might feel lonely, but it doesn’t mean you should do it all alone. Well, that sums up how we feel about building a community. This is not about comparison and certainly not a place for pitching or selling – this is about being a part of something without judgement or expectation.


We believe that using your platform and voice to create change and make a positive impact outside of your own bubble, no matter your audience size, is how we can all create a positive impact and enable change. As part of this, each month we will donate a members payment to organizations that support Black and BIPOC communities, the LGBTQ community, and female entrepreneurs.


We value creativity and will continue to hold space for your idea, thoughts and ways in which you want AND need to run your business. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all because it only fits a few. We know firsthand how much bullshit there is out there and we don’t want to add to that, so instead we will encourage and lovingly challenge you when you have an idea, project or new way of working. We’re not here to tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when it comes to your entrepreneurial journey, but instead help you make the best decision for yourself.


We believe in getting curious about what is truly working in your own business, marketing and content so you can enable growth without being put into a box. We are NOT about cookie-cutter approaches – we’ll encourage you to do you.

Let's talk about diversity, inclusion and racism.

The Outlaw Collective is part of the brand Entrepreneurial Outlaws, as a community and business we stand for racial justice, for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour and we are committed to being an anti-racist and inclusive business, both internally and externally within our organisation. We stand for LGBTQ+ Equality both personally and professionally.

We will have conversations both personally and professionally that may feel uncomfortable, and understand that this discomfort is a privilege. We will not delete or remove comments, however, we will not work or collaborate with any individual, team or company if we deem them to be complicit, silent and unwilling to detail their support in anti-racist and social justice work.

You can view our full social justice and diversity statement here.

And as part of our ongoing commitment to social justice, each month one members payment will be donated to one of our chosen non-profits. The chosen member will have the opportunity to choose from a list of organisations and we will send the payment on your behalf.

Are you ready for this journey?

We’ve all been around the business block long enough to know that there are 100’s of different ways to approach marketing, sales and mindset, but I’m here to tell you that they don’t all work for everyone.

We are human beings with life experiences under our belts — THIS affects how we want to do business, and which strategies work best for ourselves.

YOU are the most important factor when it comes to building a sustainable and impactful business.

Using my signature Outlaw Method we will address the common misconceptions in the online business community, and how we can challenge these and still make money.

Because making money isn’t the issue, it’s the tactics we’ve been taught.

…limiting beliefs aren’t the issue when we can’t even price our own work.

…a complex funnel with bells and whistles won’t create more sales if we lack confidence in our marketing

…paid ads aren’t a band aid

….and, learning more NEW information usually adds to the noise and overwhelms us further

There’s a lot of unpack and it’s time you were given permission to make the exact amount of money you want on your own terms.

have a question?

here are a few things I want to cover

The Outlaw Collective is a community for entrepreneurs with a monthly fee – like a membership.

You pay £24/month and get instant access to our Mighty Networks community and any of our upcoming calls. Each month we have a minimum of 3 calls: New and Full Moon and Co Journaling.

We’re keeping this as simple as possible with maximum support and impact for each member of our community.

We have one membership option £24/month and you can cancel at anytime.

The Features

  • A private Slack community
  • Monthly theme for journaling and expansive discussion
  • Weekly journaling prompts
  • 3x community calls on zoom: New Moon, Full Moon and Co-Journaling sessions
  • First access to new journals, books and notebooks 


The Benefits

You’ll benefit from connecting with an intimate group of your peers (I will monitor numbers and cap enrolment when I feel we need to) and having a supportive and self aware community of people who run a business, and understand all the highs and lows that come with entrepreneurship.

Each month we will focus our journaling within a theme. This theme will lead our weekly journal prompts and open up expansive and thought provoking discussion within the collective.

We encourage you to create some time in your schedule to participate in the community and calls. It’s true: you get out what you put in, but we don’t believe that means you should be distracted by our community or feel guilty if you miss some calls.

We’ve all been in communities where everything moves SO fast that you can’t keep up… or there is a GO HARD mindset. The Outlaw Collective is not that kind of place.

We know how powerful community and connection are, it’s why we created The Outlaw Collective, and we also know that life and business gets busy. So if you miss some calls, it’s okay and you can just join the next one if it works.

We also encourage you to be realistic with your time, if you feel that you cannot commit to any or all of The Outlaw Collective you can cancel your payments – you don’t need to pay for something you’re not using.

There isn’t a framework to follow. I have a signature framework called The Outlaw Method which we will talk about and use as a resource/tool as we navigate business together.

Inside The Outlaw Collective we only host community calls, if you’re looking for 1:1 support feel free to reach out — I hold space each month for private mentoring sessions. Email me at hello@melanieknights.com 

We all inevitably evolve and outgrow communities, which is why you can cancel your membership at anytime. Yes, if you want to try it for just one month you can. As long as you cancel your membership payment before the next payment is due. And don’t worry: we won’t email you to try and convince you to stay, there will be no hard feelings. We might follow up with you for a testimonial of your experience within The Outlaw Collective.

No questions?

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