So as much as I struggle to admit it in 2015 I fell victim to a fad diet.

You see it wasn’t expensive, nor was it made by a corporation, it’s a fairly simple concept.

It’s called ‘IIFYM’ or If It Fits Your Macros.

How did this happen you ask? Well! It started because I followed 2 fitness YouTube vloggers and they are both online coaches, figure competitors and display great results and consistency.

They also own a gym, and their full time job is vlogging. 

I heard them talking about IIFYM and I google searched it, I was intrigued and I wanted to know more. I remember reading about how you don’t need to worry about calories, if you calculate your ‘macros’ and do not go over them you can eat anything and get great results.

I read this and was intrigued, really I can eat anything?

So, it started out well, I looked forward to and enjoyed my ‘cheat meals’, I loved the freedom of being able to ‘fit’ chocolate or candy into my macros. However, I wasn’t seeing these great results that were promised (no one really promised them) and I was reliant on my cheat meal more than I should have been.

In May 2015, whilst in Manchester I heard Jill Coleman talk about moderation 365, her concept that after years of ‘cutting and bulking’ and screwing her metabolism up she had taught herself to manage cravings by being moderate. This was a ‘thing’, a thing that could be taught. I remember thinking ‘that’s the same as IIFYM…’

Gosh as I type this I feel embarrassed.

It took me another three months to realise ‘IIFYM’ was a little faddy and it wasn’t working either. My biggest mistake was getting caught up in their lives, forgetting that

#1 I have to go to work and I don’t have time to do 60 minutes of cardio and 60 minutes of lifting

#2 I’m not a figure competitor, I want to lose fat, not cut for a show

#3 My brain actually needs to think about things other than food

“IIFYM is fine, but realize it’s not the actual math itself that’s hard, it’s the thinking about food all day long that can become obsessive.” – Jill Coleman

Since the holidays I noticed I wasn’t tracking my macros, I started trusting my instincts and started to #EatInstinctively

I think tracking is a great strategy to use when you are first trying to change your health, but after all the tracking I have done over the years I know how to eat for fat loss. I still find myself panicking, but I am trusting the process and looking forward to a year of trusting my instincts.

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