I was reading some celebrity magazine, and they were discussing Britney’s amazing body. This was somewhere between “Baby one more time” and kissing Madonna. I read that to achieve her flat stomach, toned abs and amazing body she simply completed 1000 crunches everyday.

Of course I believed it — it was in a magazine which was the old school version of it being on the internet.

This is it! This is how I will achieve the body I want.

Do you know how hard it is to not only do 1000 crunches, but to actually stay interested and count to 1000?

I lost interest at around 50 and decided to take a break.

I was young and believed what I read, but I also didn’t understand that to achieve a flat stomach, toned obliques or to make ANY kind of progress with my health I needed to be patient.

I wanted to be thin, and I wanted it yesterday.

Easy Is Earned.png

I now understand that to achieve any kind of long-term fat loss success actually requires consistency, focus and most of all patience.

We need to be patient, and we must learn how to get really good at living this lifestyle so that we can continue living this way forever.

Whether you want to lose fat, improve your health or gain strength – it will require patience. It will also require a level of understanding that you cannot “maintain” this way of living by taking 100 steps backwards.

In 2009 I believed that healthy living was just for the month of January, that I could just eat healthier foods whilst I was dieting and then go back to eating the high sugar, high fat and processed foods which tasted good.

Then in 2012 I believed that I had to be “all in” on a diet plan and had to count every calorie, even spinach and strawberries, because even the tiniest surplus would cause me to gain all my weight back.

I was wrong.

In January 2016 I couldn’t deal with the incessant macro counting, MyFitnessPal and stress – so I just quit dieting. It was scary for a while, I gained a few pounds [I could feel my clothes were tighter] but I decided that was a new opportunity to actually learn how to do this on my own without the need of someone else’s rule book.

I needed to practice what I now call ‘Fat Loss Fundamentals’ and keep having the ‘fun stuff’ in the house, eat it and practice putting it back.

Wine, chocolate, cream, avocado, bacon and date nights, all the foods which I had been telling myself for a decade I “couldn’t eat” – I practiced the theory of “little and often”. Whilst some weeks it was more “often”, I managed to create a lifestyle I can continue.

I stopped pursuing perfect and instead became grateful for good enough on a daily basis. Instead of seeing exercise as a way to manipulate my weight, it became about the weight on the bar instead of the scales. My confidence grew and I became a better human.


I started showing up authentically and quit apologising for my ‘imperfections’.


The moment I told myself that every food was now available, that I could eat or drink whatever I wanted – I was able to make better choices.

Now that there was no time limit on the foods available, I found myself saying ‘no’ more often without fear of missing out. I also discovered that over the course of six years I had learnt a lot about moderation, but I was still clinging to the diet baggage that once restricted my calorie intake. I realised that I could lose fat, change my body AND still enjoy the fun foods.

Once you create a healthy lifestyle that feels effortless, you are able to transform the way you think about meals and movement.

It stops being a burden and you continue to feel motivated because you have found something you can do consistently without feeling guilty.

When we can approach the way we eat and move from a place of love instead of anger and hate we can actually achieve results we didn’t even know were possible. It’s actually easier to eat MORE of the right stuff for our body’s when we love ourselves, because it becomes non-negotiable. Image for home page on website_CTA for 'what should I eat?'

Consider someone you love, you want the best for them, right? Now imagine that relationship with your body.

Why wouldn’t you want the same relationship?

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