Some of you may know that this year I invested in a business mentor, and with this has come a lot of work (duh) and challenges. One of these challenges has been self confidence. I see myself as a confident person yet I have found myself comparing my journey to others far too frequently over the past four weeks. I get to work with forty nine like minded women from around the world, and we all have passion for health & fitness, but we all have our own ‘charge’ in the world.

I tell my clients not to compare their journey or success to others, yet this is exactly what I have found myself doing! Luckily Jill (my mentor) knows we are all feeling this way and so keeps reiterating how ‘normal’ this is.

It’s super easy to start questioning our results when we see someone else who we perceive to be ‘better’. This applies to all walks of life, I certainly struggled as a teenager not knowing where I fit in at school, there wasn’t a place for me. Now I actually like that I don’t fit into one box, I am confident in different areas of my life.

Just recently my husband and I were talking about some friends, and I mentioned how my mentorship hadn’t been brought up when we were chatting even though they knew about it.

This is so rediculous. 

Firstly, I have no way of knowing they were aware of it because I hadn’t asked, but more importantly, if I feel super proud of something why don’t I just bring it up? Why am I not telling them how freaking excited and proud of myself I am that I was chosen to be part of this group? Why am I waiting for them to ask?

So in that moment I decided that I would tell them what I am doing, how I am building my business and why I am passionate about it. I realised that some may see it is as arrogance, but I see it as self confidence.

I am confident that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing for my business, health and family.

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  1. I agree! The truth is people seem to talk to me all day about their lives at work, at home, out with friends and I always feel like I for some reason don’t have the right to talk as openly. It has to be all in my head, I’m sure! Thanks for posting this!

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