Following on from last weeks video about cravings, I wanted to share with you what I believe to be the 5 triggers that cause us to experience cravings.

Cravings will show up no matter what your strategy is, so understanding what triggers YOUR cravings and learning how you can buffer them – rather than try and avoid them is the easiest way to limit their impact.

Trying to avoid all triggers or removing anything you think might trigger a craving, will not work, you know as soon as you say ‘I’m cutting out chocolate…’ All you can think about is chocolate, you want chocolate, you are dreaming about chocolate – and then you eat more of it than you could ever imagine. These are the instances where we then feel like we have ‘fallen off the wagon’ and might as well give up.

Today I am giving you some insight into how you can limit the impact of cravings – and remember – a craving is an opportunity to learn not the end of the journey.


Video Notes

  • Last week I talked about why cravings do not mean you are lacking focus, that you should give up or pre programmed to be fat
  • Cravings show up no matter your strategy
  • They show up if you are losing weight, gaining weight, maintaining, following paleo or weight watchers
  • They will show up if you do not know WHY your cravings are triggered or how to buffer them
  • There are FIVE triggers
  • Foods
  • Smells
  • Situations
  • Routine
  • Stress/Emotion


  • You eat something and a craving is triggered, it’s likely something you enjoy eating
  • You cannot hide from these foods forever – trust me I tried – at some point you will be faced with the bread basket, the cheesecake, the wine – your personal preference


  • Think about when you go to the mall and there are donut, cookie or pretzel places and the smell is INTENSE
  • This is a marketing ploy to get you to buy these foods – which you didn’t intend on buying!


  • Routine triggers, which are almost unhealthy habits
  • You come home from work and follow the same routine each evening
  • Perhaps you open the fridge or cupboard and stand looking for something, anything to eat NOW


  • When you are in a situation that you feel like you must eat a food just because you are there
  • Good example of this is The Cheesecake Factory
  • You go to the cheesecake factory and because they specialise in cheesecake you find yourself believing that you must order it
  • You can also find yourself feeling like you might never get the opportunity to eat this food again even though they will still sell it the next time you visit
  • Another example would be ‘Starbucks Frappucino Happy Hour’ because its an offer, because you think you must ‘make the most of the freebie’ you wind up buying a Venti with whipped cream and all the extras just because we think we must


  • Stress and emotion has a massive impact on our choices
  • If you have had a bad day at work, or you have something negative that has a hold of your focus – this can result in poor choices being made
  • You feel mentally exhausted from the constant lack of focus/control
  • If you end up eating something unhealthy due to this, try to move on from it quickly rather than dwelling on what happened
  • DO NOT beat yourself up about the choice, and allow it to be an education rather than a reason to give up
  • Can you change the stress or emotion? If not then you may have to accept it and not allow it to impact YOUR health

I spent a lot of last year feeling stressed and allowing this to impact my food choices, my mindset was unhealthy. I learned a lot about myself, self created stress and the triggers. I feel like this has allowed me to have a much more positive image of my body and choices now.

  • Confront the fear of a cravings
  • Stop and be aware of it
  • If it happens – then thats okay – move along quickly and journal the heck out of it!


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