Parenting can be extremely challenging at times — aka most of the time.

Throw your business into the mix (it’s like having another baby) and there’s a whole new set of challenges.

Whilst many people are seeking ‘work-life balance’ I’m trying to master ‘mom – business – self-care – life – identity’ balance harmony.

I quit striving for a balanced life a long time ago, it felt like I was always going to be disappointed.

So, instead of trying to create a balanced schedule, I mastered the ‘Mom – Business Schedule’.

For many years I planned my business in 90 -day ‘sprints’, and it worked really well. But, when my son started school I discovered that my business and life was now marked in 5 to 7-week blocks.

Constantly working towards the next time I didn’t have childcare.

And, because I started my business to experience more time and freedom, I wanted to take that time off too.

I wasn’t running my business, it was running me.

Fast forward 12-months and things look different.

You can run your business alongside the school term, create amazing memories and quit playing ‘catch up’ every September — here’s how…

Create A Term-Time Promo Calendar

Many coaches will suggest you launch every 90-days, but sometimes that just doesn’t fit with your schedule.

Instead, go through your planner and block out all the weeks when you’ll have reduced childcare (or no childcare). Look at the gaps in between, and fit your promotions into term time.

PRO TIP: try to avoid launching something new the week after a school break. You’ll spend your week off trying to promote it, and struggle to stay present. You’re in control, so give yourself space.

Avoid Starting New Projects

If your goal is to take time off this summer, then you’ll want to save any new projects until September.

In preparation, spend time before the summer promoting short-term 1:1 client projects or your passive offers.

Save any new projects or longer-term client work until September, and review how your promotions can support your schedule throughout the year.

Don’t be afraid to say ‘No’

“Whenever you say ‘yes’ to anything, there is less of you for something else. Make sure your ‘yes’ is worth the less.” – Louie Giglio

This is one of my favorite quotes.

Your time is precious, and for my clients and I — it’s our currency.

I don’t measure my business ‘success’ from the zero’s in my bank account. I measure the memories and time I have to create them each week.

So remember that saying ‘yes’ to projects, clients or peers leaves less of you for something else. Create boundaries with your schedule and time.

Speaking of boundaries…

Let Your Audience Know You’ll Be ‘Out Of Office’

Even if you’ll be checking emails each evening and working a few days each week, managing expectations is crucial.

Let your audience know ahead of time on social media what your schedule will look like, and set blocks of time in your day/week to respond to emails and DM’s!

PRO TIP: create a personalized email response for your inbox, let the person know when you’ll be responding. Refer to some of the common questions or inquiries you receive, and if you have blog content or opt-ins which answer these questions, link to these in the reply.

Start Planning Now

What can you achieve in 12-weeks? A heck of a lot!

If you’re serious about working less this summer, but want to stay in front of your audience and clients — start planning now.

Block time out in your planner each week to work on content for the summer. Spending just 60-minutes each week drafting content, or prepping images will take the pressure off when July arrives.

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