AHA moments, journalling and Poop Emojis with Stacy Hobson


  This week on Lose.Live.Learn I’m bringing you a very special interview with the amazing Stacy Hobson! Some of you may remember Stacy from a blog contribution earlier in 2017, but this time it’s JUST her and I — and we are going to be discussing her four-year journey through weight loss and how she […] Read more…

I’m glad I didn’t come here last year.


My business is a HUGE part of my life, and I haven’t always shared too much because you’re here for fat loss and health talk right? Well, my business affects my health, and my health affects my business. In fact, I’ve learnt more about my health since becoming an entrepreneur than I had prior. When […] Read more…

I am equal & worthy. Episode 08


  In this weeks episode of Lose Live Learn I’m discussing the label ‘plus size’ and how this has shown up negatively in my life. My dress size varies depending on where I shop, and whilst I can shop in stores like Lululemon…I also shop in stores dedicated to women who are +size 16. Walking […] Read more…