Create time, experience more freedom and learn how to balance your business and kids this summer.

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Does this sound familiar?

You’ve been told you can work from anywhere, but when you fall out of routine… even for just a few days, you are playing catch up and resenting how *busy* you are.

Are You...

Wondering how you’ll stay in front of your audience, whilst balancing your family’s and clients needs this summer?

Did You...

Start your business to experience more freedom and eliminate the pressures of finding childcare?


You’re already burning the candle at both ends, and constantly in a state of playing ‘catch up’ just so you can get ahead?

What if you could experience more time-freedom to...

Travel, whether it’s a family vacation or a business event. You can make memories and experience everything this world has to offer, instead being holed up in a hotel room worrying about what to post on social media…

Stay present with your family and friends, whether it’s a coffee date with your bestie, the movies with your kid(s) or a date with your partner?

Focus and become a productivity powerhouse in your business, so that you no longer have to think of something witty to share with your audience at 9:00 pm.


the mompreneur summer surivival series

Finally, have the freedom and confidence to close your laptop this summer whilst your content consistently attracts your ideal clients.

You’ll get my step-by-step process, so you can get your business summer ready and don’t ‘start over’ in September.

Here's what you'll get

  • Access to our private 'members-only' Facebook group.
  • An exclusive 12-week editorial calendar to help you plan your summer content.
  • 5-days of coaching, support, and accountability from an expert coach who knows the struggles of balancing a successful business with the needs of her family.
  • The exclusive opportunity to become a Wonder Woman Business Lounge member.

You'll receive over $1,300 value for free!

squash the mom-guilt and get your business summer ready!

We get started on Monday June 10th inside my members only Facebook group.

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The Summer Survival Series is for coaches and consultants who...

  • Value their time and freedom as much as their bank balance...
  • Are great at setting goals and planning, but become easily distracted and find it hard to get into a creative space...
  • Want to work smarter in their business and remain consistent, engaged and visible whilst they’re soaking up the sunshine...
  • Are feeling burnt out from juggling their business, family, housework, self-care, and clients...
  • Have heard about ‘content batching’ but have no idea where to start...
  • Need to organise and streamline their business systems so that they can take time off, and squash the #momguilt

“Even in my ‘messy desk’ moments, I still felt I had everything under control. Then I shifted from employee to entrepreneur and suddenly felt totally overwhelmed at all I had to manage and keep on top of. I was feeling like I didn’t have the time to get to everything and as my to-do list grew bigger and bigger and I started freezing up. She’s so practical in her approach that she made it easier for me to see how I could get organized and manage my time better. Even just getting a few simple processes and systems in place made such a huge impact on how my time was being spent, that feeling of overwhelm dissolved.”
– Melissa Heidmiller, Define + Design Co.

hey! I’M MELANIE knights

I’m a Content Strategist and Productivity Junkie. Most days you’ll find me in my office, country music radio on and a cold cup of coffee in my hand — moms coffee is always cold, right?

what you need to know

🌟 After working 60+ hours each week inside my business, I quit the #hustle and after 30 days I cut my hours in half and tripled my income.

🌟 I work with coaches and consultants who enjoy more time and freedom in their business and work when they want rather than having to.

🌟 I’ve been labeled the ‘Marie Kondo’ of online business, and help disorganized and busy business owners create simple and streamlined systems so that they can stay focused and achieve their goals.

“Melanie’s no-nonsense coaching style has been beyond helpful.

I appreciate her organized and solutions-oriented approach because it’s helped me to take action in my business on so many levels.”
– Justine Cappell, Simple Family Food

imagine how you'll feel

When you’ve planned your content, drafted blogs and social media posts and know with confidence what you need to do each day to stay visible and consistent!

Together we can create the breathing space to break the habit of being a *busy* mom and business owner.

Start creating your DREAM business, schedule and lifestyle so that you can experience those defining moments which leave you saying “Pinch me! This is my life!?”

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