Do you ever find yourself spending hours planning and thinking about your next project… but struggle to take action?

Or perhaps you know what you want to say, but you’re struggling to take the first step towards your goals?

As an avid planner, organiser and productivity expert — I get it.

But, as a business owner I know how important it is that you take action, even if you don’t have all the pieces lined up first.

The incredible James Wedmore often refers to building a business much like you build a Lego set (and I’ve built a crap-ton of Lego these past 12-months) you must follow the instructions, you cannot skip steps.

If you only focus on the final piece, you’ll become totally overwhelmed. To see your masterpiece, you must start and take the steps.

Now, unlike Lego, there is really no step-by-step business manual.

There are programs, mentors, freebies and webinars, and there are a A LOT of them available.

My suggestion is that you find a handful of mentors who are building a business which is aligned with your own vision.

If you’re a mom, look for other mompreneurs to help inspire you because they will have practical tips for mom-business-owners.

If you want to build a passive income based business, look for mentors who will help you achieve that.

These are mistakes I made as my business evolved.

Instead of listening to my own intuition and establishing what my vision is/was — I got caught up building a business that was misaligned.

Focusing on your own strategies; social media marketing, email marketing etc and then test out tactics like advertising, live video, guest posts, this will help you discover what works for your business.

So much of online business is about being vulnerable, being afraid to fail and ready to take messy action.

It’s not a ‘I might fail’ — you will fail — and then you will learn.

And just as Brene Brown has shown us; being in the arena, and getting your ass kicked is vulnerability and courage.

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