Wahoo! Let's get the planning party get started!

Right now the magic of the internet — along with code and all that fancy shit — is sending you a few emails that you’ll want to keep safe. You’ll find confirmation of your payment, registration details along with an email from me welcoming you to planning party central.


You know the drill – please check your inbox for confirmation of your payment and an email titled… “Conquer Your Content, You’re in!”

If you don’t receive the emails within 60-minutes, check your junk folders and then email me at hello@melanieknights.com where we will be happy to help.

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Welcome to the fam! We do things a little differently here at MK-HQ, we treat people like people, and believe the thing that sets your business apart is YOU. So, even if you’ve been told your business isn’t a snowflake or that you need to build your business in one particular way, we’re here to help you run your business on your own terms.


Founder of The Get Sh!t Done Society & Conquer Your Content Plan-athon

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