You can find a full statement of my commitment to social justice, diversity, & inclusion below.

As an online business owner, content creator and strategist for other businesses, I take full responsibility for my voice and I’m committed to anti-racism work within my business, my team, the clients I work with and where I invest my money both personally and professionally.

I stand for racial justice, for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour and I am committed to being an anti-racist and inclusive business, both internally and externally within my organisation.

I stand for LGBTQ+ Equality both personally and professionally.

Within all aspects of Melanie Knights (dot) com; The Get Shit Done Society and Content Alchemy Marketing, we will not tolerate hate, racism or any other threatening behaviour. We are committed to confronting racism, and white supremacy within our personal and professional lives and clearly state our position across our website and business.

We will have conversations both personally and professionally that may feel uncomfortable, and understand that this discomfort is a privilege. We will not delete or remove comments, however, we will not work or collaborate with any individual, team or company if we deem them to be complicit, silent and unwilling to detail their support in anti-racist and social justice work.

As the CEO and leader of Content Alchemy Marketing, I (Melanie Knights) am actively participating in learning from Black educators, coaches, businesses and will involve my team in this ongoing education.

Here are some of the books, resources and Black educators I have been learning from. This list is certainly not finite and if you have recommendations please feel free to email me here.

In addition to learning, unlearning and understanding my own privilege, we are actively looking into the companies we do business with. At this time we are reviewing the software we use and will move our business and money elsewhere if a company is unwilling to detail their support in anti-racist and social justice work. This is ongoing.

We will continue to donate a percentage of our quarterly membership profits to charitable organisations and non-profits who are supporting the lives of Black, Indigenous, People of Colour and the LGBTQ+ community.

This is an ongoing process, and I will continue to update this page as I continue to do my personal and professional anti-racism and social justice work. I am open to feedback and thoughts, especially around any blind spots I have as I learn and unlearn. Please feel to get in touch here.

One final note: if you are considering reaching out to me for collaborations, affiliate marketing or making an enquiry about our services, we will ask you for your personal and professional position on anti-racist work and social justice. It is part of our policy to ensure that we are working with businesses, people and brands who are fully aligned with our values and mission as a company.