Turn Your “Small” Instagram Following into a Sustainable Business

A free masterclass where you’ll learn how you can attract and engage your ideal clients on Instagram so that you can build a sustainable online business – without the overwhelm.

Calling all empaths, introverts, Indie designers, artists, makers and creatives who are kinda sick of still seeing no ROI from their Instagram efforts – despite doing all the things the influencers and gurus told you to do

Newsflash: It IS actually possible to swerve the overwhelm and the ‘bro’ marketing tactics when it comes to using Instagram for your business. It’s time to tap into who you are as a person (yep, even if you're an introvert!) so you can easily create content for Instagram that truly resonates with your audience.


The “From Small to Sustainable” Masterclass

A LIVE masterclass where you’ll learn how to organically find, attract and engage your people on Instagram without doing ALL THE THINGS, draining your energy, and then still doubting if you’re doing it ‘right’ anyway.

If you’re determined to finally feel less fed up, less all-consumed by your business, and less like you’re a hamster stuck on a never-ending wheel of content creation and Instagram anxiety…

…then this masterclass is going to help you get to a place where using Instagram for your online business feels easy and enjoyable #byeoverwhelm.

In the “From Small to Sustainable” masterclass

We’ll start by squashing the 3 Instagram myths that are keeping you stuck…

#1. You need more followers to be an authority in your niche and grow your business

You’re not alone in believing the #fakenews that more followers = more growth in your business, more impact and more clients. The truth is you CAN build a sustainable business and become an authority in your niche with a small Instagram following…and you’ll be better off for it.

#2. There’s only ONE way to do Instagram no matter which industry or niche you’re in

I know that you didn’t start using Instagram in a quest to be Insta famous – you started it as a way of attracting your audience, connecting with your people, and organically building your business. So why would you need to run your Instagram the same way influencers do? You don’t.

#3. You don’t NEED a website, blog, email list or anything else to have a successful business

Here’s the thing: Instagram is amazing for building community and fostering connections but you CANNOT put all your business eggs into one basket. You need a sustainable Instagram strategy that works but that isn’t a time and energy suck so you can focus on all the other dial movers in your business.

You’ll walk away finally knowing how you can turn your “small” Instagram following into a sustainable business, bypassing the BS that keeps making you think that it can’t be done.

I’ll teach you my signature
Content Alchemy Framework
that’s going to help you…

get clarity on your unique voice so you can write content that attracts and engages your audience (and has them raving to their friends about you)

start planning and taking the kind of action that brings you consistent results, working in a way that’s fully aligned with who you are

work through the mindset blocks that stop you from showing up as you want to and that hold you back from building the kind of business you dream about owning

….so that you can start running your business YOUR way and make that consistent income without it feeling so dang hard all the time.

Join us live on Tuesday, October 20th at 12pm EST [5pm London]

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Lemme tell ya something: I’m NOT an Instagram expert.

And I’m not an ‘influencer’.

But I am a business owner who has managed to leverage Instagram to help me build a sustainable, profitable online business – while also giving me the time freedom and flexibility to work from home, hang out with my kid, and go to country music concerts whenever I get the chance. 

My name is Melanie – I’m a content strategist and founder of the Get Sh!t Done Society.

I help my clients get consistent, repeatable results from their Instagram efforts by teaching them how to show up intentionally, build authority and give value – all while staying THEMSELVES and avoiding the cookie-cutter approaches.

And this is what I’m going to be teaching YOU in this masterclass. 

Because I get feeling fed up with ploughing so much of your precious time and energy into showing up on Instagram…with only a few more eye bags from your less-than-stellar night’s sleep to show for it.

And I understand feeling like “everyone else has it together” while you dream of spending an evening with your family without worrying about work or checking your Instagram.

So, whaddya say? Let me show you how you, too, can easily and organically attract and engage your ideal clients on IG so that you can build a sustainable online business – yep, even with only a “small” following.

In the “From Small to Sustainable” masterclass

This is how we do things in our masterclasses:

Yoga pants and hot coffee are 100% allowed in my classroom. Grab your favourite notebook because you’re gonna wanna take a lot of notes – I’m fully expecting you to have at least 3 big ‘a-ha!’ moments in this masterclass.

This is NOT another masterclass where you’ll spend 60 minutes watching with nothing to show for it – every single attendee will walk away with a free copy of my Instagram method guide so that you can immediately put what you’ve learned to work and create an engaging piece of content for your IG feed (and no, you won’t have to “stick around till the end” to get it).

Transparency is my middle name so I’ll give it to you straight: you’re going to get a ton of value from this free masterclass but I WILL be giving you a sneak peek of the relaunch of the Get Sh!t Done Society – my monthly content creation membership. But pressuring you to join? Heck no.

that's what she said:

The results speak for themselves...

If you want to see how getting consistent results from your Instagram efforts is possible even without a huge following, then the “From Small to Sustainable” masterclass is for you

Get ready to say “see ya” to the idea that in order to see results from your Instagram you need MORE of everything (followers, time, content, bells and whistles).


It’s time to step into an Instagram strategy that draws in your dream clients, allows you to build a sustainable online business that’s fully aligned with you, and FINALLY feels easy.

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