When I turned to the chapter “You’ll just have to start eating more salads” in the book ‘Year of Yes’ by Shonda Rimes [the woman who OWNS Thursday night] I laughed out loud…enough to wake up my husband.

This book resonated with me on so many levels, but I couldn’t get this idea out of my head.

To lose weight and keep it off do you need to start eating more salads?

I eat salads and I have done for as long as I can remember. I can replay the moment I had my first Greek and Caesar salad, both as monumental as finishing high school! What I also know is that eating salad will only get you so far.

You see most people are eating salads because they believe they ‘should’, they know what  goes into ‘healthy eating’ but it’s either super expensive or boring and bland. These are the moments when it’s way easier to say ‘f*ck it’ and grab the take-out menu.

I used to do the salad dance, fill half my plate with some form of leaf, add a sliced tomato and cucumber. Voila salad! However the other half of my plate was piled high with food, usually the same amount of food as my husband [he’s 6’4] and it was usually processed, and high in starch/fat. I was usually left feeling hungry after dinner, and I’d choose something sweet…and still want more.

I struggled to feel satisfied, and my salad was on the plate just so that I could say “I’m healthy, I eat salad every night”.

Except I wasn’t healthy, not even by a long shot, I weighed 250lbs maybe more and I hated moving, my body hurt and whilst I ate my salad each night, I also ate a lot of other processed food.

I was going about salads the wrong way, they were an afterthought, an add-on to keep me feeling ‘guilt free’ when it came to my weight.

A salad can be an appetising meal and a ‘real food’ solution to a healthier diet.

My good friend Hilary Glaus just posted a video about salads on Facebook, and she said this:

A salad is way to get more vegetables into my diet.

Hilary is spot on, in the simplest and clearest way, eating a salad is about getting more vegetables into your diet. 

Unfortunately it is so engrained in us that we must follow rules, that salads are only seasonal or for a certain time of day, or that if someone eats salad they must be on a diet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question by waitresses in restaurants, “are you on a diet?” and whilst it use to piss me off [because I was on a diet] now I own my choice, “no I just like vegetables”.

When we go out for dinner, it should be fun and about the people we get to socialise with, but this doesn’t have to equal eating until we are uncomfortable, because when is that ever fun?

So, do you have to just start eating more salads?

Well, I don’t like rules, so instead of believing you must eat more salads, I believe you should add more vegetables to your diet, and getting creative with your salads is just ONE way to do this.

We are creatures of habit, we buy, prep and eat the same foods on a weekly basis, it’s easy and comfortable. I encourage my clients to spend time in the produce aisle, and seek out other grocery stores which might have other interesting produce.

My top 5 salad tips:

  1. Try lots of vegetables, and prepare them in different ways to find what you love.
  2. Don’t assume a salad must be lettuce, try shredded raw veggies.
  3. You can eat more than one salad a day, it’s okay to enjoy them!
  4. Flavour is non negotiable. Don’t follow the diet rule of plain, naked leaves, this doesn’t create #saladsatisfaction it simply leaves you hungry and with food FOMO!
  5. Make a salad into a meal, start with lots of high fibre veggies and add lean protein sources, naturally low in calorie and filling – plus no need to count!



If you’re looking for a simple, affordable and DELICIOUS way to add more veggies into your diet, then I’ve got you covered! I just released my first recipe book Boring Salad Solutions. 

I’ve compiled my top 5 salad combinations, all of which are super simple because I am no gourmet chef and I’d rather spend my time in the gym, reading and playing with son. Have you ever found a beautiful, ‘food porn’ recipe on pinterest or Insta only to discover it requires 20 ingredients and they are $$$$ to me it’s a big #unfollow

I’m bringing you real-life recipes I recreate on a weekly basis without all the stress.

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