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Project YOU is a FREE 5-day Facebook Group challenge, and we get started on Monday September 4th. Over the 5-days we are going to be putting ourselves at the top of the ‘to do’ list and making our wellbeing a priority.

This is not about dieting, weight loss or a quick fix solution…that’s soooooooo not my game. I’m going to help you process the more difficult conversations, the ones we need to have with ourselves.


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I know this process can feel self indulgent. Taking care of ourselves, when our partners, spouses, kids, co-workers and friends need us…but let me ask you this:


Who is taking care of you my friend?


For you to do your best, you need to feel your best and this doesn’t start with weight loss, it’s 100% about your actions. Without action, there is no progress.

Self care is giving the best of you instead of the rest of you.

Are you saying YES to everyone, but feel like they take advantage?

Are you afraid to say NO for fear of being judged?

Does your health seem like this never-ending battle?

Do you start something with ALL your willpower and then somehow you blink and two weeks have gone by without any progress?



#Projectyou is going to:

  • Enable you to BUILD your willpower on a weekly basis so that you NEVER fall off the wagon again.

  • Teach you how to say YES to things which serve a purpose in your life, without feeling ashamed or guilty.

  • Provide you with 3 intuitive eating strategies to help you feel MORE in control of your food choices, and finally end the battle.

  • Help you to create goals which you actually give a sh*t about.

  • Help you to stop blaming your body for your feelings of scarcity.


If you’ve just said Yes, Yes and YES then girl grab your seat!


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What you’re going to get in #ProjectYOU:

  • Access to my FREE Facebook community!

  • My “Self Care Like a Badass” tool kit, this download will help you to manage your thoughts and emotions as we navigate the challenge together.

  • A daily challenge post in our Facebook group, I’ll be asking you to level-up and share your insights into each topic.

  • LIVE video training on a daily basis with MOI! I’ll be sharing step-by-step strategies to help you implement your face off. I’ll be providing as much quality content as humanly possible during our  5-days together!


So if you’re ready to create and live in your healthiest life, then girl I’m so excited to connect with you! My challenges are like mini trainings, and I always find myself levelling up and discovering areas for progress!

Let’s get this project started!


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Once you’ve registered you’ll receive a confirmation email, this will confirm exactly what’s next — so be sure to check your inbox and add me to your ‘friends list’. I don’t want you missing out on all the awesome content!