Project Protein

Project Protein is a 4-week framework to help you kickstart your fat loss results & kick your cravings aside — without the rebound weight gain!

Sound good?

I’m looking for 10 women to join me for 4-weeks from Monday October 16th, together we’re going to implement ONE nutritional strategy for 4-weeks, and kickstart the fat loss results you want before the end of 2017.





Are you a reliable, go-getter who is ready to take action with her goals and lose fat so that she can head into 2018 ahead of the New Year New You mindset?

If you just said yes, yes and YES!!!!

Then girl click the button and let’s get you those results!



#ProjectProtein is my #1 nutritional strategy, because I know this this alone will help you achieve your fat loss goals. I’ve spent over 5-years practicing this framework, and every client I’ve worked with has implemented #ProjectProtein and seen [and felt] great results.



I often get asked “I’m not even sure what protein is…” and I know EXACTLY how this feels, because back in 2012 I had to spend time looking at labels. Checking and working out which foods were going to help me get more protein into my diet.

Well, this is why I created #ProjectProtein – I want to take all that guesswork out of it for you.

You’ve made the decision to improve your nutrition and lose fat, you don’t need to spend a ton of time checking labels and calculating.

I’ve spent five years doing this work so you can just implement and get results!



#ProjectProtein isn’t for everyone, this is a 4-week commitment to you and I. I have high expectations because I know that to see results, you must implement, practice and stay focused on your own progress.



Hey friend, I always have questions too – so I’ve answered some of the most common questions I receive about protein and coaching. If I’ve not answered your question, be sure to email me.

I want to join, but I’m not sure I can afford this program…

Consider the amount of money [time and energy] you’ve spent on diet plans which haven’t worked. I probably spent 100’s of pounds each year on programs, replacements and fads in the hope that something would stick. We do this repeatedly, year after year, what if making this small investment meant that you actually saves you money in the future?

Once I started implementing this strategy, I quit dieting and didn’t need to waste money on dvds, magazines or meal replacements.

Do I need to be exercising?

Heck no! That’s the great thing about #ProjectProtein you can join no matter where you are on your own health journey. I actually think adding and honing this skill is great because it shows you how you can improve your health and lose fat without using exercise as the crutch for your diet.

Isn’t this just a fad?

No. Food groups aren’t fads, and protein is a food group. Faddy diets are short term solutions and ask you to do crazy things in order to get results.

I’m asking you to focus on one strategy for 4-weeks, you will get results, but the key is awareness.

I’m following a diet plan already, will I benefit from #ProjectProtein?

Yes, in fact you’ll find that #ProjectProtein is easier and more sustainable than your diet plan. Most diet plans focus on low calorie and low fat, the great thing about #ProjectProtein is that it will actually help reduce your hunger AND curb cravings so you naturally eat less calories.

I don’t have protein powder, can I still achieve these goals?

Of course! Whilst most of my clients do include protein powder as they progress with me, this is entirely your choice. There are a number of ways to get extra protein into your diet and whilst protein powders are a easy and inexpensive solution – you can achieve this with other foods.

I already eat meat, so why do I need to join #ProjectProtein?

This is so great, you already know where to get protein from in your diet, but most women are under eating protein. Why? The diet industry tends to put emphasis on starch and veggies, all well and good but protein helps to keep you full [less cravings/binges] and it helps to maintain muscle on your body. Loss of muscle mass whilst losing weight will guarantee you rebound after you stop dieting.



Once you’ve secured your spot on #ProjectProtein check your inbox because you will receive a confirmation email and this will contain your welcome packet and everything you need to get started on Monday October 16th.