The profit accelerator masterclass

A 3-day masterclass for emerging female entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their business to consistent profit without working more hours each day.

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Aren’t you fed up of busting your ass for less profit each month?

All whilst every business guru out there keeps giving you advice which either doesn’t make sense, doesn’t fit your schedule or doesn’t leave you feeling warm and fuzzy…

Well, I am not that kinda coach! Warm and fuzzy is my middle name.

Okay I lied it’s actually Rose, but I’m totally over this one size fits all coaching which leaves emerging female entrepreneurs overwhelmed, burnt out and ready to throw their laptop out of the window!

I was so fed up of attracting potential clients who didn’t want to book calls, join my email list or even buy from me that I was almost ready to close the doors on my business…

Maybe you feel this way too?*

😱 My email list is dead!

🎁 They just want my free stuff!

💻 My list is too small!

👻 I need a bigger social media following!

*disclaimer there might be a trillion reasons why you *think* you’re not making more money, I can’t list them all – but I promise you, that what you *think* is holding you back ISN’T.

During The Profit Accelerator Masterclass I will be sharing my simple A.B.C method to attracting your ideal clients and creating offers they can’t refuse. Giving you back more time and freedom to work with your dream clients and accelerate your profit!

What we will be covering:

  • Avatar: I’ll walk you through the 3 simple steps you need to implement so that you can refine your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA). Instead of kinda, possibly, maybe thinking you know - you’ll leave with complete clarity over WHO he/she is and HOW to talk to them with ease.
  • Business Model: Learn the #1 tool you MUST be using to build your business, whether you create DIY, group or 1:1 offerings - this strategy will set you apart in your industry. Pssst, it’s not posting more on social media, shouting louder or charging less...
  • Customer Journey: You’ve been doing this for a while, and you’ve created a ton of content, opt ins and even programs. The problem is - your audience don’t really care. OUCH! I’ll be sharing HOW to reverse engineer your business so you can reduce the clutter and ensure your clients are saying ‘where do I sign up?’.

We respect your email privacy

WARNING: I’m not going to be repeating everything you’ve heard before or wrapping the same old strategies up in a different bow.

What I will do is coach you through what is working right now in the online space, and because I believe in business and lifestyle integration – you won’t feel the need to work more hours, in fact you’ll experience the freedom to work less.

You will walk away from The Profit Accelerator Masterclass:

  • With absolute clarity on WHO you are speaking to in your business, and finally understand what it means to ‘speak to just one person’.
  • Knowing how to set yourself and your business apart from the ‘noise’ in your industry, and have meaningful interactions with future clients.
  • Feeling like you finally have a rock solid plan to build your business, and scale to consistent 4-figure months with ease.

We respect your email privacy

I’m a business coach who helps emerging female entrepreneurs batch their business, so they can scale to consistent 4-figure months with ease using my 4K Freedom Method.

Maximising your productivity in the time you have available is my jam, I absolutely love strategizing and helping my clients get shit done whilst they claim back MORE time and freedom from their business!

With over 5 years experience as an entrepreneur I have built two online businesses, helping dozens of women achieve their dream business, career and lifestyle.

Like many of the women I work with, I felt stuck for the longest time, nothing moved the dial and I couldn’t figure out how to change the situation. When I started batching my business, and got really clear on what kind of coach I wanted to be – everything became easier. Now my schedule is flexible to meet the needs of my clients AND my family, whilst giving my enough time and space to show up for myself.

I can’t wait to work with you, because when you have systems in place which are supporting your bigger vision, but flexible enough to give you freedom and time – entrepreneurship comes to life and your goals become a reality.

you will receive:

  • Access to a group of likeminded emerging entrepreneurs who are ready to make consistent profit and stop spinning their wheels in business.
  • 3 live trainings where I will cover each step of my ABC method for attracting your ideal clients and accelerating your profit.
  • Super juicy daily bonuses straight to your inbox, these are game changers and will help you take action and accelerate your results.
  • All 3 trainings sent to your inbox so you can reference them after the masterclass.
  • Access to an expert business coach for 3-days, so that you can ask questions and start making more profit!

The way I see it, you can either continue saying “I want to find more clients… make more money… have more time...” or you can set yourself up for absolute success, get my A.B.C method to attracting your ideal clients and take more action in the rest of 2018 than you have all year.

The choice is yours.

We respect your email privacy

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