• The Anatomy of an Entrepreneurial Outlaw


    Hey friends, welcome to episode number 26 of entrepreneurial Outlaws. Today’s episode is really special because I am going to be taking you behind the scenes of one of the elements within the upcoming Outlaw Journal, the anatomy of an Entrepreneurial Outlaw.


  • 10 Investments That Grow My Business


    So I thought today on the show I could share a few 10 investments that have helped grow my business the most. These things are things that are tangible and maybe standard, but a few of the things are more spiritual. This episode is also full of the reminder that slow growth is okay and all of our businesses look different, which is okay too


  • 9 Practical Journaling Tips for Resistant Entrepreneurs


    Welcome to episode number 24, as you can tell by today’s title, we are going to be talking about journaling, but as you know I don’t do things in the normal way. So of course, we’re not going to be talking about journaling in the usual way, I’m going to be sharing with you kind of behind the scenes of my own journaling practice, which has become a daily practice. The reason why this is important though, is I used to be super resistant to journaling.