• Permission NOT to Plan


    Hey friends, welcome to episode number 22 of Entrepreneurial Outlaws. Today’s episode is really a permission slip, a permission slip to not plan and batch your content in advance. Now I’m not totally downplaying planning and batching because it has its pros and cons. However, I know that for most of 2020, even as someone who loves to be organized, I did not plan ahead when it came to my content.


  • Outlaw Meets Perfectionist with Jenna Teague and Ashley Looker


    Today on Entrepreneurial Outlaws Jenna Teague and Ashley Looker from the Middle Finger Project are joining me to talk about where outlaw meets perfectionism. This is a big mic drop conversation that is going to propel you into some serious action. We’re talking about when perfectionism starts and how to break the patterns that have stemmed from it, getting more in touch with your outlaw side, and why it’s important to highlight your authentic self in business.


  • How to create content that doesn’t add to the noise


    Welcome to this week’s episode of Entrepreneurial Outlaws. We have a really hot conversation this week. It is a necessary conversation, it’s relevant, it’s timely, it’s something I have certainly felt in the past six or seven weeks. I know I’m not the only one feeling this way too because I’ve had this conversation with a number of clients, friends, and peers. We’re going to be talking about how we as content creators, as business owners, as empaths, how do we create content for Instagram without adding to the noise?