• How to Rebuild the Online Business Space

    Welcome to episode 33 of Entrepreneurial Outlaws, in today’s episode we are going to be going through some of the common phrases and narratives that we see in the online business community– phrases that have been weaponized, phrases that we frequently see being used during promotions and launches and on sales pages to create an illusion that this investment, this purchase, this program offer, whatever it might be is going to not only give you exactly what you want to need, it’s going to continue to provide you with safety or it’s going to be different than everything else.


  • The Dark Similarities Between Business Coaching and The Fitness Industry with Christina Montalvo

    Christina Montalvo

    Hey friends, welcome to episode number 32 of Entrepreneurial Outlaws. Today’s episode is a conversation with Christina Montalvo and I am so excited for you to listen in. Christina and I sat down to talk about the similarities between the fitness industry and the business coaching industry. As someone who has also worked in both of these industries, I will attest to that. Both industries use the same marketing tactics, the same lies, and the same misconceptions. You’ll hear us getting to all the similarities, the smoke and mirrors, the ways in which we have both experienced this.


  • The 5 Stages of Creating Engaging Content

    engaging content

    Welcome to episode 31 of Entrepreneurial Outlaw, today I’m taking you on a journey into the parallels between songwriting and content writing (which is a constant loop in my head). When you see someone singing a song and you believe every single word that they are saying, and this is really what it’s like to be a content creator, right?