• Sustainable Financial Goals & Money Mindset Myths with Kat Frogosa

    We are joined today by a very special guest, Kat Frogosa, a money coach who helps her clients pair the woo with the do. We’re talking about how to create sustainable financial goals and what exactly this can look like for a new online business owner — even if you don’t know exactly where you’re going. We all go through different seasons of life, and having wealth behind you will make each one a bit easier. We’re also talking about the 6-figure business narrative, coaches and gurus endlessly subscribing books and meditation to heal money blocks, and more. Grab your Outlaw Journal and dig in with us.


  • The Pricing Controversy


    Welcome to episode 35, today we are talking about the controversy behind pricing. Recently I found a note that I left on my notes app from the end of 2019 and I was talking about pricing, why we struggle so much as online business owners to price our own work, why we struggle to know what our hourly rate should be.


  • The Power of Self Inquiry

    Hey Outlaws, today on Entrepreneurial Outlaws we are going to be exploring the power of self-inquiry. Self-inquiry is a tool that I have been using in my business for a while, probably a couple of years. I didn’t wake up one day and think, “hey, I’m going to start using self-inquiry,” no, that was not how it happened. It was more of a process — self-inquiry for me has been a process of time. It’s been a practice. It is something that has become part of my journaling practice, part of my self-care rituals and routines.

    But what I’ve discovered is when we approach self-inquiry with the focus on business, our own online businesses, what can happen is we are able to be better leaders. We’re able to be more engaged leaders or engaged content creators.
    We’re able to make foster business decisions. I’m not going to say better business decisions because I don’t necessarily believe in good and bad, but we’re able to make faster business decisions. We’re able to show up differently. We’re able to consider and reframe heavy conversations, uncomfortable decisions, uncomfortable conversations differently. This is part of the power of self-inquiry.

    So in today’s episode, we’re going to look at what self-inquiry is, how we can use it in our businesses, why it is so powerful, and how it helps us to reframe some of these situations I’ve mentioned. I’m also going to talk about what the opposite of self-inquiry is, and again, why we can use self-inquiry to tap into our intuition and to really make those business decisions from a place of value. Grab your journal, especially your Outlaw Journal if you have it, and join me on the newest episode of the show!