• 5 Ways To Challenge The Status Quo of Planning

    planning in business

    Hey Outlaws, welcome to episode 39 of The Entrepreneurial Outlaws. Today on the show I’m sharing the five ways you can challenge the status quo of planning. What do I mean by the status quo of planning? This looks like attaching our self worth to productivity, shaming ourselves for inability to batch or plan ahead, or being consistent for the sake of consistency on social…


  • Mindful Productivity & Scaling a Slow Business with Sarah Steckler

    Today on the show we are joined by Productivity Strategist, podcaster, and creator of Publish with Purpose, Sarah Steckler. In our conversation, you’ll hear about Sarah’s approach to mindful productivity, “creative nesting” to help you feel inspired, and how to regularly create time in your business to do the deep work. Plus, you’ll hear what it means to Sarah to be an Entrepreneurial Outlaw, which is something that I think you’ll love.

    So, grab your journal and let’s dig into slow business and scaling your business in a mindful way together.


  • Creating Boundaries within Your Business


    Hey, Outlaws. Welcome to episode 37! Today we are going to be diving into the topic of boundaries. Now I don’t claim to be an expert in this topic, and there are some boundaries that I’m really still trying to work on because my boundaries in certain areas kind of stink and I’m going to be sharing what those boundaries are with you.

    I truly believe in creating boundaries with others, we must first create them with ourselves. That’s what I want to get into specifically in today’s episode. I want to talk about those boundaries that we need to create with ourselves and how they can compulsively impact our business, our growth, our business decisions, and the relationships that we create.