• Six Figure Businesses: Goal or Sabotage?

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    Hey outlaws, welcome to episode number 11. Today I have a hot topic I want to talk about… money. Specifically, we’re going to talk about money and six figures because I want to have an honest and transparent conversation about six figure businesses (spoiler alert, I’m not one). I’ve found that a lot of the six, seven and eight figure income talk that we see on the online space is rooted in smoke and mirrors. So, I want to break this down and assure you that it’s okay if you’re not aiming for a six figure business and what we can start to focus on instead.


  • The #1 Question You Need To Ask Yourself

    The #1 Question You Need to Ask Yourself

    Today on our first episode back, I have a really important question to work through with you, and that is what do you need? This call came up on a client call a few weeks ago and we’ve been digging deeper everyday since then. It didn’t occur to me that this question could be so powerful. So let’s talk


  • Motivation or Inspiration. What do you really need?


    In today’s episode I want to focus on where we are looking for inspiration in our professional and personal lives so that we can get clearer on creating a business that reflects our values and how we want to live our lives. So often we lose ourselves (and our joy) in our business. But now, personally, that’s now how I want to live anymore. I’ve been forced to ask who am I without my business? Without my Instagram? Without my email marketing?