• WWOD: How To Get It All Done Without Doing It All

    I’m taking you through a day in the life. Of course I’m not going to be carrying my microphone around with me all day long, but what I want to focus on in terms of my day in the life is really how I plan my business, how I plan my week, my days, and what I think about when I’m doing that planning. I’m also going to take you through kind of how I work and my personal ways of working on different types of tasks, because I realized as I was preparing for this episode, I approach all of my tasks in different ways.


  • WWOD: Multiple Streams of Income

    streams of income

    In 2020, my income grew rapidly and it grew in ways I just could not even comprehend. This led me to feeling burnt out and low on passion and inspiration. So today I wanted to share how and why I took a complete step back from my business to restructure things so that I was truly doing the work that I love the most while also creating a sustainable income.


  • Planning by the Moon: an Intuitive Led Content Planner

    Hey Outlaws, welcome to episode number 50, which is a big deal. I’m excited because I’m going to be taking you behind the scenes of my most recent project in today’s episode — the Planning by the Moon Planner, something that I’ve been working on for about three months.