Calling all introverts, empaths, soul-led business owners and creative folks!

It’s time to take the overwhelm out of your content creation, quit doing what all the “gurus” said you should, and lean into your values so you can connect and engage with your audience.

Where should I send your Content Alchemy Roadmap?

    You see most marketing ‘gurus’ are regurgitating the same strategies, and these strategies have been designed for extroverted coaches, who 'fit in' with peppy online biz crowd.

    They lack inclusivity, diversity and certainly don't allow creatives, introverts, empaths or soul-led businesses a safe place to learn and be creative.​


    Perhaps your creative energy is being pulled in all directions as you try to juggle your creative time with your content marketing, and you feel like something always has to give… your time, energy or business.

    Or, Maybe ...

    You’re really fed up with the lack of growth on your social platforms and the constant need to come up with new and exciting posts to share with your audience. You’ve tried everything, and just wish you didn’t spend so much time obsessing over your feed.

    introducing: the content alchemy roadmap

      Either way, you’re in the right place.

      The Content Alchemy Roadmap isn’t your typical roadmap… we’re going to focus on connection and engagement rather than ‘viral hacks’, beating the algorithm and fast tracking to 10,000 followers.

      Yawn. That's been done, it's outdated and a of your time.

      I'm walking you through the first 5-steps I use with my 1:1 clients to plan out content that actually Engages your audience

      Visibility And Traffic For Free (Yup, No Facebook Pixel To Figure Out…)

        Hey! My name is Melanie.

        Story teller… Content Strategist and CEO of Content Alchemy Marketing, a non traditional marketing agency for creative entrepreneurs who don’t want another fluffy strategy that’s full of jargon.

        I help my clients and students achieve consistent, repeatable results from their content marketing efforts by teaching them how to show up intentionally, build authority and give value – all while staying THEMSELVES and avoiding the cookie-cutter approaches.

        And this is what I’m going to introduce you in The Content Alchemy Roadmap — because lets be honest, I can’t teach you everything in a pdf.

        But I get feeling fed up with ploughing so much of your precious time and energy into creating your content.

        And I understand feeling like “everyone else has it together” while you dream of spending an evening with your family without worrying about work or checking if your post has engaged your people.

        What people are saying about my approach to content planning...

        So, whaddya waiting for? Lets make some Content Alchemy.