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Creating your content doesn’t need to be so hard or overwhelming. Let me help you take ALL of those big juicy ideas and create a content plan that sticks.

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    You see all the other coaches who post consistently on social media, grow their email list and sell out their coaching offers...

    You know that having a plan is going to squash your weekly procrastination…

    But between coaching your existing clients, trying to show up in your Facebook group, raising the tiny humans and trying to get 8-hours of sleep a night… when will you find the time?

    INTRODUCING: The Conquer Your Content Planner

    Details of what's included in the conquer your content planner

    The Conquer Your Content Planner is a comprehensive undated 12-month content planner that helps health, wellness & fitness coaches (like you!) rapidly map out a year of content so you can move from IDEAS-LOADING… to ACTION-ACTION -ACTION without reinventing the wheel.

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    So, what do you actually get?

    • A guide to setting content goals that actually help you grow your business, focus on the right tasks and stick. NOTE: “I want to build my email list” is not enough.
    • A step-by-step content planning guide to strategically support your launches and flash sale promotions. Pssst… all your content should lead to action.
    • The most common mistakes coaches make each month with their strategies, and how to fix them.
    • An undated 12-month launch and promotional calendar, so you can get started even if it isn’t January.
    • Use the done-for-you seasonal and monthly content prompts to help you plan out all major holidays -- and never forget about international coffee day again.
    • Monthly KPI and content reminders help you check in with your numbers so you can create more of what your audience loves… and forget about the content that goes wah wah waaaaaah.
    • Weekly calendars help you to brainstorm content ideas, track your daily content tasks and the checklist ensures you never forget your keyword research or pin descriptions again.
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    Hey! My name is Melanie.

    It is my absolute obsession to help freedom-seeking coaches create the online business of their dreams by harnessing the powers of simple and effective content strategies.

    Whilst running my own health and fitness business, I noticed that each week I’d run out of time… by Friday my ‘to-do’ list would be twice the size I started with and my business felt stuck.

    Once I started batching my content I was able to get back 14-days each month… and it started with a clear content plan. No more throwing stuff out onto my feed at 9pm in the hope it would get some traction.

    Two years later and I’m so thrilled that I get to support busy health and fitness coaches by harnessing the power of content planning and batching.

    You can keep flying by the seat of your pants, hiding in the bathroom to throw a social media caption together, burning the midnight oil just to get it all done.

    Or, you can grab your free copy of The Conquer Your Content Planner and quit reinventing the wheel, squash your content overwhelm and do more of what you love.

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