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Plan a year of content, get off the social media hamster wheel and start getting shit done. You know how important content is for your business, but you just don’t have the time… let me show you how to conquer your content across all platforms, and still have time to play with your kids and watch Sex & The City re-runs.

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learn how to

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  • Create consistent and unique content faster
  • Stop second guessing yourself and start taking action on that ONE project that will change the trajectory and grow your business
  • Organise your jumbled thoughts, and focus on the projects and tasks you love
  • Learn how to use your limited time to your advantage, even if you only have a few hours each week -- you CAN grow a sustainable business
  • Uncover your 'batching personality' so that you can squash the overwhelm and start getting shit done ASAP

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5 video lessons & a 90-day content & productivity planner, PLUS lesson workbooks that include:

  • My content theme bank templates for Google and Asana ($150 value)
  • A content marketing audit to help you dial in on the right tasks for your business and create more time in your day ($150 value)
  • Your very own copy of the Get Sh!t Done Weekly Planner, it will help you stay focused and check off your to-do list each week ($250 value)
  • Steal my content creation workflow, where I walk you through the steps it takes to create aligned content for your business ($150 value)
  • A lesson straight out of my membership The Get Sh!t Done Society, where I will help you identify your batching personality and reveal the BIGGEST thing holding you back right now ($250 value)

Please note: we do not offer refunds on digital products, you will receive instant access to all 5 video trainings, workbooks & your printable planner so that you can get started with your content goals immediately. 🙂

"This weekly planner is helping me stay on track, I just LOVE how it keeps me focused on the right tasks for my business and goals. With the GSD planner, I always feel like I've done enough for my business."
I've never sat down to plan out content before, but with Mel's guidance and coaching, I finally made it happen. I feel so much more at ease knowing that I have a clear plan and what I'll be writing about each month. I definitely recommend Mel's planning tools for any fitness coach struggling with having the time to do it all!

this offer will expire in...

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