…and do it all without adding more stuff to your schedule

You've heard it all before...

▪You don’t own social media, it’s rented space
▪ It’s all about your email ‘list’
▪ Blogging is dead
▪ You should start a podcast!
▪ But, 80% of content will be video by 2020

You've even spent thousands of dollars on courses and coaching that made big promises. And, you still feel disorganized and stuck.

Here’s the thing, it’s not that you can’t grow your email list every single week… it’s that the outdated strategies being shared, and the fear of low social media engagement is keeping passionate and hard working coaches like YOU stuck.

▪ Spinning your wheels on your incredible ideas and launches.

▪ Feeding the social media beast with your best content, and not getting the ROI you deserve.

▪ And, believing that YOU can’t run your business on your own terms.

The Conquer Your Content Plan-athon

  • Create consistent and unique content faster
  • Stop second guessing yourself and start taking action on that ONE project that will change the trajectory and grow your business
  • Organise your jumbled thoughts, and focus on the projects and tasks you love
  • Learn how to use your limited time to your advantage, even if you only have a few hours each week -- you CAN grow a sustainable business
  • Uncover your 'batching personality' so that you can squash the overwhelm and start getting shit done ASAP

You’re way more qualified than those coaches who throw together a ‘water challenge’ and sell a quick fix shakeyou know the kind — but you just can’t get eyeballs on your free content.

What we will be covering:

  • Use my 4 Pillar Method and start creating an unlimited amount of content ideas that align with your products, offers and programs.
  • Get crystal clear on your dial-moving priorities each month, so you can stay laser focused on your goals and start doing the right tasks in less time.
  • Learn how to carve out the amount of time you need each week for your business, even if you only have a few hours to work each day (because I get that #momlife)
  • Steal my exact content creation workflow that has helped me grow my list every single day without needing to spam my people or use unethical marketing
  • Uncover your personal batching personality so that you can get started at your own pace and stick with it
"I loved the daily coaching that we received, and where I’d never planned out my year before, I'm feeling super-confident that I'm walking into next year prepared with a plan, I feel organized, instead of a frantic mess. It's such a welcome, feeling. I’m calm and know exactly what I need to do, and when.

It is DEFINITELY worth the investment."
Testimonial, Elizabeth Sherman, Executive health Coach
Elizabeth Sherman
Executive Health & Weight Loss Coach.

Have you been telling yourself “I’ll figure this out when I have more time…” buuuuut the time never actually shows up for you, and every plan you create goes by the wayside when shit get’s busy?

Do you spend more of your week thinking about what you should say rather than actually posting or engaging?

Are you feeling frustrated by your crazy schedule, and find it hard to find time to sit down, focus and write your content?

You love the idea of planning, but have no idea where to start…

But, Don't Just Take My Word For It!

Here's What Other Women Are Saying About The Conquer Your Content Plan-athon 💛

"Melanie is so passionate about what she does and truly cares about helping each and every one of her clients. She helps take one of the most overwhelming parts of running an online business - CONTENT - and breaks it down into actual manageable and doable steps.

In the almost 3 years I've been in online business, I've never sat down to plan out content this far in advance before, but with Mel's guidance and coaching, I finally made it happen. I feel so much more at ease knowing that I have a clear plan and what I'll be writing about each month. I definitely recommend Mel's planning tools and batching tips for any fitness coach struggling with having the time to do it all!"
Testimonal Image | Athena Concannon, Achieve with Athena
Athena Concannon
Achieve With Athena
“I feel like I’ve gotten more from you in ONE week than I did From my business coach all year"

what you will get:

  • An exclusive challenge workbook and 2020 editorial planner ($100 value)
  • Access to my membership The Get Sh!t Done Society for 7-days ($49/mo value)
  • 7-days of coaching, support and accountability from an systems expert who has experienced the struggle of running a successful health and fitness business. ($1000 value)
  • The opportunity to become a member of The Get Sh!t Done Society at a discounted rate. (PRICELESS!!)


The plan-athon starts on Monday November 11th and runs for 5-days. You receive access to my membership community for 7 days.

Yes! Absolutely. I will be live inside our Facebook group each day at 5pm GMT (12-noon EST) and you will receive the replays to your inbox the following week.

Great question! Let’s be honest, we are far more likely to do the damn thing when we have ‘skin in the game’ so I’m charging a small fee ($2/day) for you to get these results.

Of course you can, and I’ll be honest: if you don’t think you have time available — you definitely should join us! There is ZERO pressure for you complete everything in 5-days, and all the tools and videos will be yours to keep!

You will have access to the community until November 17th, and the opportunity to stick around and become a member of my membership The Get Sh!t Done Society at a discounted rate. 

Are you ready to conquer your content in 2020 and have the best year ever?

  • Ready to finally understand why posting on social media as a coach feels so damn hard, and how to use the platform for your industry without burning through your content?
  • Ready to let go of the outdated strategies, stand in your integrity and create content that is shareable?
  • Ready to create a clear content strategy for the next 12-months, from idea to execution, you'll know exactly what to write each month so you can start growing your email list?
  • Ready to map out a marketing plan and content workflow that works for YOU and your schedule?
  • Ready to organize all of your jumbled thoughts and ideas?
"Melanie is a time management ninja! Through her tools and guidance, she’s helped me track where my time goes, find “extra” time where I thought I had none, and gain clarity to better use the time I do have. All without the constant overwhelm and stress."
Testimonial, Becky Williams, BKinetic Fitness
Becky Williams
BKinetic Fitness

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