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You took a leap of faith and started an online business, learning everything you could along the way, but now you’re starting to feel overwhelmed and scattered.

Your to-do list keeps growing…

…you haven’t written a blog post since the fall

…there’s that Pinterest course you started

…and lets not even get started about Instagram engagement

Sound familiar?!

My hand is raised high friend because I’ve been right where you are.

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You don’t need to be Marie Kondo to organize your time, schedule and content.

The truth is; if your home is more ‘lived in’ than ‘Pinterest worthy’ then we’re totally on the same page.

My business is organized AF… my sock drawer? Not so much.

But now that you’ve hustled to build this amazing coaching business, it’s time to keep growing and you and I both know that content is King, marketing is Queen and you have no time do either.

These 5 steps will take around 3-hours to complete, but you don’t need to do it all at once.

Give yourself a week, or more and use this simple batching plan for your social media posts next month… the best bit? Once you’ve done steps 2 and 3 you won’t need to do them again — saving you another hour.

Imagine a month of social media DONE so you can spend your free time with your family, or let’s be honest; taking yourself out for a celebratory coffee! 😉

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Choose a weekly content theme

Approx. 30-minutes

Yes! Knowing what you’re going to talk about in your business each week helps you create content faster. We all know that inspiration doesn’t always show up when we need it, and have a planned theme allows you to get down to work and focus on creating content.

…and that means you won’t be getting frustrated with your kids when they want you to play, but you have an Instagram post to get up.

Plan out your posting schedule

Approx. 30-minutes

Basically, how many times are you going to post to social media each week?

I follow the Tyler Mccall approach and don’t like to post more than once or twice a week in my feed, whilst I show up on IG stories in some way each day.

Get clear on how many posts you need for next month and write it down in your content planner.

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Use a Canva template

Approx. 30-minutes

My students love the customisable templates I share with them inside The Get Shit Done Society. 

You can either create your own, use one from Canva’s archive or buy one from somewhere like Creative Market or Etsy. My personal favorites are from Bluchic! I’ve been using them in my business for a few years, and they save me hours each week.

Customize the template with your colors and fonts and then just copy it each month.

Stop creating ONE piece of content at a time

Approx. 60-minutes

Once a month, head into your Canva template and pick all the images you want to use in your feed.

Keep it simple by using a cohesive template and brand colours in your quotes, info graphics and carousel posts.

Download the images to your computer and they are ready to be uploded.

[Don’t overthink this! You don’t need a ‘perfect’ image to match your caption]

Use a scheduler

Approx. 30-minutes

I’m always willing to spend a little bit of money each month to save time.

There are a lot of free social media schedulers, but they are usually limited by # of posts or which platforms you can use.

I love for Instagram, but if you have Facebook groups and want to save even more time is the best I’ve found.

Click here and receive an extended free trial.

Finally, upload all your images and add your captions when they are written and ready to be scheduled.

There you have it! Using these 5 steps you can plan and batch create a month of social media for your online business and in less than 3 hours, and next month it will take even less time!

Ready to start planning your way to time-freedom? Grab your free copy of The Conquer Your Content Planner.