100% of profits through march 31 will be donated to help rebuild nashville + surrounding counties after the devastating tornado on tuesday march 3rd

On Tuesday, March 3rd a devastating tornado hit Tennessee, causing widespread damage and many lives were lost. At the time of writing this over 30,000 people are without power, many homes were damaged and people have been displaced.

If you’ve been hanging out with me online for a hot minute you know how much Music City means to me. Nashville is a city full of creativity, and many small independent business owners have lost everything they worked so hard to build, they can’t pay their staff and are now looking at a long recovery.

100% of profits in March will be donated to:

Music City Inc., the 501c(3) charitable foundation of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp

The Conquer Your Content Plan-athon

A 5-part video training to help you plan a year of content, get off the social media hamster wheel and start getting shit done. You know how important content is for your business, but you just don’t have the time… let me show you how to conquer your content across all platforms, and still have time to play with your kids and watch Gilmore Girls re-runs.

picture of woman smiling in home office
  • Create consistent and unique content faster
  • Stop second guessing yourself and start taking action on that ONE project that will change the trajectory and grow your business
  • Organise your jumbled thoughts, and focus on the projects and tasks you love
  • Learn how to use your limited time to your advantage, even if you only have a few hours each week -- you CAN grow a sustainable business
  • Uncover your 'batching personality' so that you can squash the overwhelm and start getting shit done ASAP

You will receive a link to 5 video recordings and 5 workbooks after purchase. These were originally recorded as LIVE videos and may reference real-time events. The videos have not yet been edited, and reference a recent launch. As a perfectionist, this makes me uncomfortable, but we’re not here to be perfect, we’re here to make an impact!

Here's what you'll get

The Conquer Your Content Plan-athon is going to help you plan a year of content, finally get eyes on your content and grow your audience, list and impact… all without sacrificing your time and freedom.

picture of woman working in home office
  • My content theme bank templates for Google and Asana ($150 value)
  • A content marketing audit to help you dial in on the right tasks for your business and create more time in your day ($150 value)
  • Your very own copy of the Get Sh!t Done Weekly Planner, it will help you stay focused and check off your to-do list each week ($250 value)
  • Steal my content creation workflow, where I walk you through the steps it takes to create aligned content for your business ($150 value)
  • A lesson straight out of my membership The Get Sh!t Done Society, where I will help you identify your batching personality and reveal the BIGGEST thing holding you back right now ($250 value)

Please note: we do not offer refunds on digital products, you will receive instant access to all 5 video trainings and workbooks so that you can get started with your content goals immediately. 🙂

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