I always tell my clients, everyone has their own version of busy.

Since returning to work, I spent a lot of time getting overwhelmed by my schedule, I continued to feel like I was failing and I just didn’t know how to get out of this mindset. After applying for my mentorship in November 2015, I have slowly started to manage my time better. I use my spare time more wisely and plan out my spare time to write, create and study.

Of course stress isn’t always just mental, it can be physical too. For example training for something intense like a figure competition or marathon is going to increase your stress levels. You are under pressure to get results or perform and this can be incredibly stressful both physically and mentally.

Here are my top THREE tips for stress reduction:

#1 Sex. 

Lets start with this one because, I think it covers a lot of bases (pun intended).

Sex can be an incredible stress reliever, but I’ve also found when I am feeling more stressed than usual it is the last thing I want to think about. What’s interesting is that the more stress we put on our bodies, the more we lose our libido, and the less interested we become.

Sex can also be incredibly great for our body image if we are feeling sexy and body confident, then our partner sees that!

  • Be spontaneous, I love schedules but not for this
  • Make each other feel special
  • If you can, get some time away from your home every so often

Oh and you will find you sleep a lot better too 😉

#2 Family time. 

If my job was busy, and I had a shitty day or week then I had a tendency of bringing that home with me, I then get frustrated by Greyson or Matt and then I feel guilty, upset and angry at myself – this is when I realised that I had to get smart with my time.

  • No phones before bed time
  • Sit down for dinner together – even when it is chaos (which is normal!)
  • Turn the TV off during dinner
  • Get outside at weekends, walking, parks anything that is outside of your home

These have all worked well for our family.

#3 Stop wondering when.

I spent so much time over the years wondering when I would be a size 10 or weigh 140lbs. Will it be this summer? Will it be by Christmas? My birthday?

Jease, what a waste of mental energy.

I have stopped wondering when something might happen, and focus on what I am doing right now to get results. What will I do this week to help me be a better version of myself? This strategy can apply to other areas of our lives including careers and relationships, as Jill Coleman says ‘action begets action’ – love her!

  • If your relationship with the scale is toxic then take a break
  • Focus on the present, the future will be shaped by the action you take now
  • If you worry too much about what might happen, then you likely will see zero results and just stay where you are
  • Regular exercise and good nutritional strategies will create great habits, these are what create long-term results

Sometimes when you feel like you aren’t seeing great results, then it might be that you are over thinking it, if your stress levels are high this will effect your fat loss results.

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